Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Couch Potato Series 1

Like I have mentioned in some past post of mine, I was, never a Television  person...

 I can't believe, I am still saying that. You know what, just forget what I said before. I am a huge HUUGGEEE TV person.

Pheeww.. :f coming back to earth..this post is going to concentrate solely on television, well not exactly. Its about TV series' I have taken a particular liking/disliking to. Let me elaborate.
This year I had decided to bring about more 'traditions/series' in my blog. So this is going to be one of them.

The Couch Potato Series- where I rave, rant, applaud, shed my tears upon some TV series. Probably till I run out of TV series to watch or I get bored of this exercise, whichever happens first. The first show that came to my mind was Grey's Anatomy. But then, I had already written about it here. I'm racking my brains as to which TV series I should write about to kick start this series..
Okhai..faithful readers of ANS! would know that I 'm a sucker for Medical shows. No, I not going to write about House M.D...which I will, in future when I get to see the entire series. I am keeping that one to savor slowly and graciously.
Recently I began watching a medical show in CW network and I was all excited. The more medical shows the better.The name of the show is Emily Owens, M.D. The show revolves around the life of a first year intern, Emily Owens in Denver Memorial Hospital. Yes, that is quite similar to Grey's Anatomy  However, the similarities kinda ends there. The main character Emily Owens, is portrayed by Mamie Gummer (daughter of Meryl Streep).
Emily, with a history of being geeky and awkward, feels at her best when she joins Denver Memorial hospital as a first year intern. Thrilled that she will get to work with world renowned cardiologist Dr Gina Bandari.. she finds out that her college crush, Will Rider is also an intern like her. What more can she need?  Nevertheless, all good things must come to an abrupt end. Atleast that's what she feels, when she comes across her high school nemesis Cassandra Kopelson another intern at the same hospital. Now its high school all over again, not only does the competition between the 2 interns rise professionally but also in the matters of the heart.
Enter, the gorgeous and no nonsense Dr Bandari along with the oh-so-cute resident Dr Micha Barnes. I have been Team Micha from Day 1. I feel the Will chap doesn't deserve Emily. I so soo hope Micha & Emily will end up together.
From LtoR - Micah, Will, Emily, Dr Bandari, Cassandra
The show is an equal mixture of medical issues and the life of Emily. Her awkwardness, her insecurity, her neuroticism, her crush, her nemesis (ironically, the nemesis and the crush are a pair now.. talk about heartache) and how she tries to stay up in the medical career. She relies on 2 people she calls her friends- Tyra, another intern and Micha to survive in the cut throat medical field.

There is almost nothing wrong with this show. Mamie Gummer does an excellent job as quirky, awkward Emily. Unfortunately the show is about to get cancelled at the end of Season 1. Whaaatttt?! I'm heartbroken. I was just warming up to the show. How can they cancel such an awesome show?!!!!! Its been announced that the show will be terminated after the 13th episode. It was the 9th episode yesterday :(

Its sad, then again there are just so many TV shows to get emotionally attached to :D

TheCouchPotatoSeries will be back with yet another TV show.

Let peace be with you and be proud to be a couch potato! 8)

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