Tuesday, January 29, 2013

The Couch Potato Series 2

TheCouchPotatoSeries returns with another show today. There are just so many shows that I had a hard time narrowing down. Since I started off this series with a show which is about to get cancelled :( I thought, today I might as well write about a feel-good TV series.
The show which is going to be featured today is New Girl !! 

To begin with, who doesn't like Zooey Deschanel? Such a lovable woman. Teamed up with 4 other main characters- the show is riot!
The show is about the uber cute (girlcrush?-yea why not?!), dorky woman who had a recent breakup with her cheating boyfriend and moved into a loft shared by 3 guys after seeing an ad in Craigslist. It's about her life and friendship with the guys. Initially the guys are little apprehensive about her. However, the moment they come know to know Jess has friends who are models, they take her in as a loft-mate. o_O
Her life now revolves around her career as a teacher, the loft, her best friend Cece (the model friend I was talking about), her quest to find true love and of course the 3 guys - Nick, Schmidt & Winston.
There is an instant chemistry thing between Jess & Nick, even though nothing of that sort has happened in the show..yet. I'm rooting for them. Every actor in the show is unique in their own way.

From LtoR-Cece, Winston, Nick, Jess & Schmidt
Cece - Childhood friend of Jess. Indian. Confident. Model. Smartass. Always there for Jess, when her quirkiness gets her into trouble. Had a brief relationship with Scmidt.
 photo tumblr_m51rqw7c9T1qlenplo7_250_zpsb160e321.gif

Winston - Childhood friend of Nick. Former basketball player. Cannot really keep a job since he gets bored too often & way too fast. Recently, landed a job which he enjoys *about time.*  Funny in his own way. Most of the times he is the cool dude. There are moments when he is plain hilarious. Enjoys girly drinks with umbrellas for instance. Or like the way he sings in his scary high pitch or screams like a girl or when he thinks he has "sympathy PMS". *eyeroll* 
 photo 00180_zpsaeb9c44d.jpg
Nick - Law school drop out. Bartender. Most of the times, he reminds me of an angry, grumpy old man. Frustrated, pessimistic, frowning young man. He does a good job at that. Aspiring zombie author. Totally sucks at it.
 Known for leaving things half done. Crazy sounding voice  Yep, he is my favorite. I crack up, even thinking about him. Still hasn't found the love of his life after a messy breakup. I so hope its going to be Jess. *Even  though they are currently dating others.*
 photo tumblr_m30v2mT0mo1qb4mxmo5_250_zps8416f4f3.gif

Jess - Polkadots. Bows. Glitter. Nerd Glasses. Bangs & loose waves of hair. Super-cute, vibrant colored dresses. The adorkable protagonist, who sometimes sings instead of actually speaking and has some other weird antics up her sleeve!
 photo tumblr_ltlexfVgC71qki3neo1_250_zps9b050f4e.gif

Schmidt - The womanizer. The only guy in the company he works for. A former gawky, overweight college mate of Nick. Self obsessed. Ultra clean and has a tinge of OCD. 
Has no idea how ridiculous he sounds when he says the most bizarre things resulting in the loft mates to start the ritual of the Douchebag Jar. Each time he says something 'douchey' he needs to put money in the jar. Schmidt and Cece hook up couple of times. Later, they admit their feelings towards each other. I should say, they look good together in some insane way! The season 1 finale featured Schmidt breaking up with Cece. I think they are far from it. The best part is, Schmidt is still in love with her.

 photo tumblr_lu084vpAtM1r14o02o1_500_zps8a2f108c.gif
As per the creator of the show, every episode is somewhat based on some incident that actually happened to someone in New Girl crew which they later on  may or may not modify! Nominated for best actress comedy(Jess) and best supporting actor (Schmidt) for the 2013 Golden Globes. I say, these guys are so hilariously full of life. A must watch. The latest episode 'Pepperwood' brought me to tears.. from laughing so hard for the entire show!

TheCouchPotatoSeries will be back soon!

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  1. I want the hair...and the glasses too!
    Jess sounds like the chuddy-buddy girlfriend I always wanted to have!
    I'd definitely want to catch up and hopefully someone has uploaded them on YouTube...and love the series!:)

  2. Gawd. The New Girl is absolutely amazing!
    The way you jolted it down just added a lot of charm to it :D

  3. totally agree... this is a sweet and hilarious addition to my sitcom collection too.. Zooey is simple awesome and I can assure you that you aint the first gal i know who has a girl crush on her hilarious ways :D

    1. Wow..You are the first guy I know who watches New Girl. Way to go :)


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