Saturday, February 16, 2013


The silence weighs heavily on her. Tick tock goes the clock. Sleep evades her. She tries to make out, the silhouette of the lamp in the dark. Hours dwindle away. She shuts her eyes willing herself to sleep. Worry and dismay prevails. Drowning in her own past. Lost in events that can never unravel again.


  1. some moments are like that... :) realistic... awesome peace of work anisha :)

  2. Yes ... sleeplessness is unnerving at times !!!

  3. sleep...aahh!! lives it wen the pile of worries becomes untolerable...:)
    keep writing..:)

    and do have a look at my blog too..:)

  4. Nice one...actually I felt its my story - a bit - only that along with the past I worry abt the future too!

  5. @Greeny - Hah tell me about it!
    @Mani - Yep, I will surely pop into your blog :)
    @ Meera - Thankyou girl. Sometimes its in the wee hours of night that we reflect upon our lives, right?!

  6. It is the Silence and nature's calmness which helps us re-live those wonderful moment called Memories ! .... The only thing that 'Forgetfulness' can never touch are our Memories - which made us...US !
    Sometimes sleeplessness is a boon to realise that we had a wonderful life so far !


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