Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The perfect surprise !

He walked back from the car, huffing and puffing breathing out the cold air. It was a grey, winter morning. He had his hands full, with bags of grocery. The door was open, so he didn't have to ring the doorbell.
"Why in hell would she leave the door open in this freezing weather?", he thought.
He answered the question himself, "So that I can get in while she's too busy doing something else."
 Sure enough, there she was cleaning up the kitchen.
"I have got a surprise for you", he said dropping the grocery bags on the kitchen counter.
"Hmm, what is it?", she asked, "isn't these the surprise?", motioning to the huge overflowing bags.
"Wait, I'll be back, just a moment", he replied.
He went back to his car, and returned with yet another bag.
"Now, what is that?", she asked, eyebrows raised.
"Bucket of chicken & beer !!", he exclaimed, grinning.
"That's the surprise?"
Clearly perplexed, he said innocently, "Um..yea, now you don't have to cook and we both can watch the game and hog away."
A coy smile played on her lips.
"Let's do this !! ", she called out and went ahead to clear out the table in front of their television.


Make me a happy bunny, would ya? :D