Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Weird Diaries - 2

Happy February everyone & a warm welcome to the new followers! Make yourself comfortable while I blabber on. This time we did not have a white Christmas, meaning it didn't snow. However, in February when the winter is supposed to be nearing its end, it snows! It snows like there is no tomorrow. Beautiful? Hell yea! Temperatures? Bone freezing cold. You can find me walking around in 3 layers of clothing including socks and this is in addition to the heater we have at our place!
That brings me to the weird part. Who doesn't like fuzzy socks? Those colorful, adorable, soft as a baby's bottom, thingies? I don't. :| I thought I loved them, but I don't. These things are soft, yes. Don't be fooled by its delectable appearance or its cozy feel. They just don't stay in its place. It slips off. Aaah well, maybe its my silky soft legs :P It feels funny with my loafer kinda slippers! I put them in the washing machine and I get tufts of the fuzz stuck to what not?! They are anything but comfy! >.<
On the other hand, I have to stress that I'm a sucker for colorful socks which stays in its place!
Just saying.:||


  1. Its very annoying when i misplace one sock from the pair and it happens all the time *WEIRD*

    1. It used to happen to me too.. Now I ball one sock into the other. So they stay as one :D

  2. Ooh!! I like the colorful ones on the right in that picture! :D
    I like those fuzzy socks as well, but I wear them at home only, because yess!! It slips off! :P


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