Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Weird Diaries - 3

Sh*t scared of horror movies or anything paranormal. Yet, spends hours researching about them in the internet. Dilapidated old creepy creaky houses in the middle of nowhere, creepy kids, possession/exorcism, diabolic dolls, haunted/demonic mental asylums, biblical/theologically influenced horror - Oh the joy! Begs TheBetterHalf to give me company to watch horror movies. Of course being the fraidy cat that I am, long after the movie is over, the scenes keep replaying in my head. Obsessively imagines that a certain paranormal entity is right behind me or beside me! So damn scared that I cannot won't open my eyes at night just in case I might see something that would scare the daylights out of me! The trepidation has come to such an extent that TheBetterHalf needs has to wake up and turn on the lights at night, if I have to go pee :|| See, I'm not a fan of unexpected alarmingly scary surprises! Just saying. :|


  1. Not a fan of horror movies or the likes of it.

    But Nice Post. I mean nicely written. :)

  2. I nominated you for liebster award.

  3. UGH!!! I remember the 3 sleepless nights I had endured after watching "The Blair Witch Project". I still don't want to watch it.

    Plus when I open my eyes at night, my mind/ eyes TRY to make some nonsense shapes out of nothing.


  4. @ Ajay - Thankyou :)
    @ Aqsa - Yeay!! Thankyou for the nomination :)
    @ Brahmin in Boston - Tell me about it! Weird shapes, sounds and what not! :|

  5. I love Horror movies and they don't scare me much ... though Paranormal Activity really freaked me out !!!

  6. @Amrit- That series of movies, left me sleepless many nights!!


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