Sunday, March 31, 2013

A week from now..

This time, next week..we would be on the connecting flight from Houston to New Orleans!!

A week.
A week to go.
 A week to unwind.
A week to clear my mind.
A week to meet new people.
A week to explore new places.
A week with a change of scene.
A week to try out the local cuisine.
A week.

Here we come.. New Orleans :D

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Couch Potato Series 4

Today, TheCouchPotatoSeries brings you, Happy Endings! No, not happy endings for you silly..the show Happy Endings :P

This is one of the most underrated shows found in TV land. A huge chunk of people are not fans of this show and I would suggest all those of you, to give it another try keeping an open mind. The rest of you, continue being awed by the show. Yes, the cast is inspired by F.R.I.E.N.D.S with a few tweaks. A steady married couple, an on and off couple, a gay guy, a single girl.

From Lto R -Brad, Jane, Max, Penny, Alex & Dave

The series begins with Alex being engaged to Dave. On the day of their wedding, Alex goes cold feet and leaves Dave at the altar. Now, the vibe is awkward between the two, leaving their common friends in a dilemma as to who to hang out with. As the show progresses, it concentrates on the 6 friends living and hanging out in Chicago. Each episode has a main plot and a sub plot in which the 6 friends come into play. Each of them funny and unique in their own way.

Brad Williams - Husband of Jane Kerkovich-Williams. First met each other while in college. A rather laid back, chilled out guy with quite the effeminate tastes. One of his trademarks - his high pitched voice. Loves Rom-Com movies.

 photo clutchthepearls_zps9e87bac8.gif

Jane Kerkovich-Williams - Wife of Brad, elder sister of Alex. Control freak. Perfectionist. Competitive. Despises surprises. Stealthy enough to creep the others 5. Jane and Brad are one of those couples who complement each other. Two different personalities yet share some crazy passions.

 photo jane_zpsf83d8640.gif

Max Blum - Best friends with Brad and Dave since college. The straightest gay ever, as in.. not the stereotyped gay guy. Sarcastic. Enjoys gluttony and is proud of it. He managed to get a tattoo of the logo of a Mexican food joint in exchange for free food for life! Spends time at his apartment doing nothing or playing video games- in a nutshell a lazy a*s. Buys a Limousine to earn an income as a driver which he later blows up :| Dated Penny in college before he came out.

 photo max_zps6a5df9b5.gif

Penny Hartz - Childhood friend of Jane and Alex. Works in PR. Single. Always looking out for 'The One'. Serial dater. Her catch phrase being 'Ah-mah-zing'. Way too clumsy. When drunk, she speaks fluent Italian. Max  is her gay BFF. Uses a lot of abbreviations while speaking. She might have feelings for Dave.

 photo p1_zps9d5249a0.gif
 photo p2_zps0379558d.gif

Alex Kerkovich - The clueless among the six. Younger sister of Jane. Previously engaged to Dave. Scatterbrained. Owns a  women's clothing boutique called Xela which is basically Alex read backwards. Big eater similar to Max. Was a bully in school. Enjoys cliched Rom-Com movies like Brad. Loves hanging out with the girls.

 photo alexfun_zpsf0e37e4b.gif

Dave Rose- Ex- fiance of Alex. Tries to be the cool guy in the gang, fails miserably. Quits his office job to start his own food truck business. Dramatic. Still figuring out his life. Often seen in V-necks : often one of the reasons he is ridiculed by his friends. Lives with Max.

 photo dave_zpsb5743f33.gif>                                       

It's basically like any of the shows on television nowadays. A bunch of  late 20s- early 30s hang out together, talk about relationships and basically have a good time. So why is it any different? Well, it's not. It's just funny. The way they speak, how in the midst of a conversation, Alex lowers her voice when she is admitting that she doesn't get a joke or she is ashamed of something. How Brad has a freakishly shrill voice and likes girly stuff. The way Penny enunciates particular words way often. How Jane is plain scary sometimes. The way Max is just so lazy and lacks any sense of culture. How Dave almost always ends up being a laughing stock among his friends.

 photo penny_zpsa92e2593.gif
Now, strike a silly pose!

 photo janeandbrad_zpse25b8cb5.gif
Max put glitter in my 2 favorite things : my lotions and my creams.

 photo alexdavemeax_zps0046f280.gif

 photo dave1_zps4eb60fe7.gif  photo dave2_zps13f31d41.gif

 photo alex_zpsfde581ce.gif

 photo pe1_zpsbb4faa3b.gif  photo pe2_zps8907002e.gif  photo pe3_zpse84026c5.gif

Ladies and Gentlemen, Happy Endings!

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

The spice story

Okay, not exactly a story.

This happened about 2 winters ago. Cooking was not yet my strong point. I was in a petty dilemma, whether or not to use a certain spice in a dish. I asked my then friend/ colleague/kinda sister figure about it. You know, people in our life to whom we might not discuss our life problems yet, feel close to them.. yea so she was one of that kind. I couldn't ask my mom about it, because it was late into the night in India. I couldn't possibly be a moron and wake her. So this friend was online as she is/was insomniac and she answered - 'add just more than a pinch'.
Now, every time I make that particular dish, I think of her. I don't miss her. I just wonder how she is doing. I guess, she was meant to play a role in a very confusing, almost-lost phase in my life bringing moments of sunshine and then move on. She had to be one of those self assured &cheerful people ever. Only few people knew that behind that upbeat, radiant face was an entirely different story altogether. We have no contact with each other even though we remain friends in Facebook. Even if I spoke with her, I know we wouldn't be like before. After the initial pleasantries, I'm pretty sure we would have nothing to talk about. We are both different people now than we were then..atleast I am. I hope she has found her peace.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring, where art thou?

This made me happy. I guess, I am in dire need for Spring to make a grand entry.

Monday, March 18, 2013


 So, there has been this thing going on in the internet wonderland that Google is revoking the Google reader  soon. I have absolutely no idea whether there is any truth to it. If it's true, then it sure a is sh*tty thing. I don't understand why they are putting an end to it, especially since there are a gazillion bloggers out here who uses it to read blogs!
 So does that means no Google Friend Connect, no dashboard, no followers, no massaging your ego?? :| Nooooo! :(
Everybody seems to be migrating to Bloglovin' since they obviously don't want to lose their readers. I sure don't want my readers to go away. I love you all  **blows kisses**

 photo tumblr_m9aqlcmknD1rt2moro1_400_zps183fab90.gif

Sooo, I created an account in Bloglovin'. I urge you guys to do the same so that we can all be a happy family there :) I'm still figuring things out there. I am a creature of habit, so change is not really my forte!
However, right now I am all in for When in Rome.. do as the Romans do. 
 Click here to Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Ofcourse you can subscribe or get my posts in your inbox but let's be honest, we don't really do that, do we?
Just in case Google reader shuts down..see you guys on the other side :)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Book Review - Gone Girl

Title: Gone Girl.
Author: Gillian Flynn.
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group.
Year of Publication: 2012
Format: E-book.
Pages: 434.
Genre: Mystery, Thriller.
Blurb: Here.

This was in my to-read list and when TheBetterHalf's boss's wife insisted that I read it, curiosity got the better of me.
My Thoughts:
Boy oh boy! This is one twisted book. Its clearly not for the faint of heart. It totally f*ked me up! By the time I finished reading, I couldn't believe the way it ended. I was pretty sure there were more to the story. The more time I spent thinking about it, I came to a conclusion there was no sane way for the story to end. Am I not making sense? Probably not. I wish I could just tell you all how this book just blew my mind, but then I will have to reveal some key facts which I really don't want to. SO READ THE BOOK.

It's the fifth wedding anniversary of Amy Dunne and Nick Dunne. Amy, the beautiful, intelligent and super organised wife has laid out an elaborate treasure hunt for her husband like every year, while Nick who is more laid back, is yet to get her a gift. Everything seems normal until a few hours later we find that Amy is missing. Everybody is baffled, including Nick. The house in a disarray, hastily wiped blood stains and very soon all fingers point towards Nick. 
Nick is mainly the narrator of the story. A mellow, complex and compelling character. We are introduced to Amy from her diary entries about her life as a single, daughter of famous parents, about how she met Nick and their romantic relationship,starting a life together in New York and later shifting to Nick's hometown North Carthage, Missouri and lastly entries involving her fear towards Nick.
Each time, I thought I had a grip on what is happening, there is a sharp turn of events leaving me grabbing at straws! One chapter I would be all TEAM Nick, only to hate him with a vengeance in the next chapter because, Amy's diary entries shows a totally different face of Nick and thus turning me into TEAM Amy. I didn't want to believe Nick killed Amy. But did he? Is she really dead? Just because he was sorta lame husband, was he capable of murder? 
This is not just it, there are more twists and turns and metaphorical bomb blasts in this book leaving the readers questioning their own relationships, which is a little unsettling! You never see it coming.
Where is Amy? What happened to Amy? Is she dead? Did Nick murder her? If so where is the body? So many questions and no answers to be found. Ms Flynn teaches us the virtue of patience by revealing the story drop by drop until everything is clear! It leaves you in a state of uneasiness. A book in which it was easy not to like the characters yet you would root for them. An absolute edge of your seat thriller. Hands down one of the best mind-f*ck of a  book. I was still thinking about the characters, long after I was done with the book. 
At the risk of sounding like an advertiser, if you haven't read Gone Girl, you are missing out, my friend!

My rating:


Friday, March 15, 2013

In the end.. it rained.

Cloudy..due to the continuous downpour. A modest room with no view and huge windows. No curtains. The gloomy rays made its way into the ill lit room. They stood near a slept-in bed in the corner. Him & Her. Life continued beyond the four walls. stood suspended.
Him - bare torso, toned hands. Almost full bearded. Eyes intense. Her - tousled hair. Shirt ripped open. Lips slightly parted. In his arms. Her hands on his sides.
Staring at each other, uncertain. Their hearts pounding. After what seemed like an eternity, their lips met. It wasn't a tender cautious kiss. Rather a ravenous, familiar one. His hands on either sides of her face, his fingers entwining in her hair. Ragged breath. Each time he pulled away, she pulled him back. Back to her warm body.
He let out a chuckle, amused by her unclad desire for him. She smiled coyly.

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Weird Diaries - 5

So, we all use acronyms. Let's face it, with our life so closely knitted to cyber world, we are bound to use them. Heard of ' lol ' ? Did I hear you snicker? Yea yea, I know everybody knows about lol. We tend to type lol even when it is just a 'Heh' moment !
 lol must be one of the most overused words ever. So is, 'K'. Seriously.. so lazy to type 'Okay' or an 'Ok' ?
Anyway, each time I type lol I see a person doing pushups! You see it too? Aren't you a clever one. For the rest of you, look at the word closely. Imagine the ' o ' as the head and two ' l 's as the elbows. Seee? Guy doing pushups !

I am feeling pretty smug about it. 8)
I am sure I am not the first person who noticed this but when I told this to one of my friends, he seemed pretty amused :O
I am aware of the silliness of the post.
I am a silly person and anything that catches my fancy is allowed here :|
I am going to stop now.

Friday, March 8, 2013

On token days..

You say you need to be treated as equals and still insist on having a special day for being a woman ?

Why should there be a special day for women? I don't see any fuss about Men's day. Is it because we live in a so called 'Man's world'?! I think its utter blasphemy. Why, because we are as special and as ordinary as the men around us. So why in the world do you want a "special day as a token for being a woman"?

I'm aware of the harassment a woman has to face in this world and making a day especially for her, feels somehow as a consolation prize for all the pain she endured. Women's day does not seem to alleviate the woes of a homeless woman or the scars of a rape victim.

I wish there were no embarrassing days like these.

I see some people stressing on the fact that they Have to celebrate this particular day. What I don't understand is why can't you celebrate all your days? Be empowered, be aware and educate  like on women's day, love and respect your parents like on mother's day/father's day. Send flowers or do any acts of love to the love of your life not just on February 14th. Indulge with your sister/brother this weekend. Be a good friend all round the year not just for friendship's day. It looks like we have come to a stage where these days act as a reminder and it is sad.

Why concentrate on just ONE day?

Celebrate that you exist, not just on some random days to remind you that you are a woman or a mother/father or a sibling or a friend or a lover! Be the wonderful person that you are. And most importantly, you really don't need a day to celebrate when you can have the whole of your existence!

I sometimes wish we lived in simpler times when we didn't have any of these fancy celebration days. All that you can look forward to is a birthday or an anniversary or the many colorful festivals. Atleast, we know that something substantial happened!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

And here I was, thinking it's all over..

Spring is round the corner? Bullsh*t ! I have been stuffing up my wardrobe with chiffon blouses for spring and apparently winter is just not done yet. Don't get me wrong, I heart winters. The jackets, boots, the layers the whole shenanigan, but let's be honest here, it tends to get boring. I love spring too, especially Chicago in spring is heaven. Clear blue skies, lush green grass, multicolored tulips and daylight till around 9pm! What's not to love. Yes, the hay fever sucks. As a matter of fact, I love all the seasons in maybe not the sweltery summer. It's one of those places where all the 4 seasons are distinctive.
Anyhow, yesterday I switch on the television and what do I hear, we have yet another snow storm warning. Whaaatt? The day light saving is on March 10th and there is not yet, any sign of the temperatures bubbling up. Schools are all closed down. Well, that meant serious business.
The snow started off as tiny flakes, melting down just as they touch the ground. Slowly but steadily it sure did is accumulating. 

 A lone Canadian goose struts around in the cold cold snow!

That's our car & me among the snow flakes. Note that the car still looks like a car!

This was taken a few hours later!

One of the best things I love about snow is that, it fills up every nook and corner and everything stands out. The snow & the cloudy sky accentuates the snow laden branches creating a wonderful contrast!

Now the roads are a slushy mess, all vehicles are under a heap load of snow, its cloudy, its windy, the temperatures below zero degree Celsius & it's still snowing. No, I'm not complaining.

Photos: R 

TheBetterHalf & me skyped with our folks back home, ate a scrumptious breakfast, fried salmon and had a late lunch and basically was fooling around. Right now -a mug of hot chocolate and my couch. Bliss!