Sunday, March 31, 2013

A week from now..

This time, next week..we would be on the connecting flight from Houston to New Orleans!!

A week.
A week to go.
 A week to unwind.
A week to clear my mind.
A week to meet new people.
A week to explore new places.
A week with a change of scene.
A week to try out the local cuisine.
A week.

Here we come.. New Orleans :D


  1. Oh, Wow.
    Have a Nice Journey and a good time as well. :)

    Take Care. :)

  2. That's great ... Happy Easter :-)

  3. woww!! njoy girl... have a great vacation :)

  4. You sound like an excited kid who is excitedly looking forward to her visit to the Disneyland, you know?:D Here's to new adventures and beautiful strangers.

  5. So excited for you!!! Enjoy and have an extra glass of wine for me!

  6. @Manashree,Ajay, Anjali,Peabee - thankyou guys :)
    @Greeny - yeap.Hope you had a great easter as well :)
    @ Tanya - Haha. I can get pretty excited :)
    @Brahmin in Boston - That's exactly the plan. To eat and get drunk :p

  7. Wow... Enjoy and have a blast.... Awaiting pics and your post on the vacation :)


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