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Book Review - Gone Girl

Title: Gone Girl.
Author: Gillian Flynn.
Publisher: Crown Publishing Group.
Year of Publication: 2012
Format: E-book.
Pages: 434.
Genre: Mystery, Thriller.
Blurb: Here.

This was in my to-read list and when TheBetterHalf's boss's wife insisted that I read it, curiosity got the better of me.
My Thoughts:
Boy oh boy! This is one twisted book. Its clearly not for the faint of heart. It totally f*ked me up! By the time I finished reading, I couldn't believe the way it ended. I was pretty sure there were more to the story. The more time I spent thinking about it, I came to a conclusion there was no sane way for the story to end. Am I not making sense? Probably not. I wish I could just tell you all how this book just blew my mind, but then I will have to reveal some key facts which I really don't want to. SO READ THE BOOK.

It's the fifth wedding anniversary of Amy Dunne and Nick Dunne. Amy, the beautiful, intelligent and super organised wife has laid out an elaborate treasure hunt for her husband like every year, while Nick who is more laid back, is yet to get her a gift. Everything seems normal until a few hours later we find that Amy is missing. Everybody is baffled, including Nick. The house in a disarray, hastily wiped blood stains and very soon all fingers point towards Nick. 
Nick is mainly the narrator of the story. A mellow, complex and compelling character. We are introduced to Amy from her diary entries about her life as a single, daughter of famous parents, about how she met Nick and their romantic relationship,starting a life together in New York and later shifting to Nick's hometown North Carthage, Missouri and lastly entries involving her fear towards Nick.
Each time, I thought I had a grip on what is happening, there is a sharp turn of events leaving me grabbing at straws! One chapter I would be all TEAM Nick, only to hate him with a vengeance in the next chapter because, Amy's diary entries shows a totally different face of Nick and thus turning me into TEAM Amy. I didn't want to believe Nick killed Amy. But did he? Is she really dead? Just because he was sorta lame husband, was he capable of murder? 
This is not just it, there are more twists and turns and metaphorical bomb blasts in this book leaving the readers questioning their own relationships, which is a little unsettling! You never see it coming.
Where is Amy? What happened to Amy? Is she dead? Did Nick murder her? If so where is the body? So many questions and no answers to be found. Ms Flynn teaches us the virtue of patience by revealing the story drop by drop until everything is clear! It leaves you in a state of uneasiness. A book in which it was easy not to like the characters yet you would root for them. An absolute edge of your seat thriller. Hands down one of the best mind-f*ck of a  book. I was still thinking about the characters, long after I was done with the book. 
At the risk of sounding like an advertiser, if you haven't read Gone Girl, you are missing out, my friend!

My rating:



  1. I've been thinking about tryig to write a book, this is inspirational.


  2. This was one sick, absolutely twisted book that I LOVED. The plot hooked me from the start, the writing was brilliant, the insanely-messed-up characters fleshed out so well. I've seen a lot of people say they didn't like the ending, but I kinda saw it coming.

    Nice review!


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