Monday, March 18, 2013


 So, there has been this thing going on in the internet wonderland that Google is revoking the Google reader  soon. I have absolutely no idea whether there is any truth to it. If it's true, then it sure a is sh*tty thing. I don't understand why they are putting an end to it, especially since there are a gazillion bloggers out here who uses it to read blogs!
 So does that means no Google Friend Connect, no dashboard, no followers, no massaging your ego?? :| Nooooo! :(
Everybody seems to be migrating to Bloglovin' since they obviously don't want to lose their readers. I sure don't want my readers to go away. I love you all  **blows kisses**

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Sooo, I created an account in Bloglovin'. I urge you guys to do the same so that we can all be a happy family there :) I'm still figuring things out there. I am a creature of habit, so change is not really my forte!
However, right now I am all in for When in Rome.. do as the Romans do. 
 Click here to Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Ofcourse you can subscribe or get my posts in your inbox but let's be honest, we don't really do that, do we?
Just in case Google reader shuts down..see you guys on the other side :)


  1. Ooops I haven't heard this news, but I hope it's not true :-(

    1. I hope so too.. It seems Google is going to shut down Google reader by July :(

  2. I still am unable to understand this thing :/ Have read it in a couple more places, but still-can't-get-it. Why no more GFC? :/ Will follow on Bloglovin, though. :) Once I get the hang of it, maybe I'll be shifting too!

    1. I have no idea too, Ashna. Looks like many bloggers are in the WTF mode too!
      Yea, I 'm just getting familiar with bloglovin. People seem to have good opinion about them :)

  3. Pretty looking blog and looks like a lot of work has gone into each little thing happening here. Kudos on that!!! Also I so wish things on blogger remain as they are but if not, well, there are other options, always, like the one you have figured out.

    See you around..


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