Thursday, March 21, 2013

The spice story

Okay, not exactly a story.

This happened about 2 winters ago. Cooking was not yet my strong point. I was in a petty dilemma, whether or not to use a certain spice in a dish. I asked my then friend/ colleague/kinda sister figure about it. You know, people in our life to whom we might not discuss our life problems yet, feel close to them.. yea so she was one of that kind. I couldn't ask my mom about it, because it was late into the night in India. I couldn't possibly be a moron and wake her. So this friend was online as she is/was insomniac and she answered - 'add just more than a pinch'.
Now, every time I make that particular dish, I think of her. I don't miss her. I just wonder how she is doing. I guess, she was meant to play a role in a very confusing, almost-lost phase in my life bringing moments of sunshine and then move on. She had to be one of those self assured &cheerful people ever. Only few people knew that behind that upbeat, radiant face was an entirely different story altogether. We have no contact with each other even though we remain friends in Facebook. Even if I spoke with her, I know we wouldn't be like before. After the initial pleasantries, I'm pretty sure we would have nothing to talk about. We are both different people now than we were then..atleast I am. I hope she has found her peace.


  1. People come into in our lives in three ways - for a reason, for a season and then for a lifetime... :) read it somehwere....

  2. Certain things remind of you of certain people. Of people who once were once close to us. Its a warm feeling.

  3. I agree with both ^Meera and ^Asqa. That sums it up.

    I hope you have already found your peace.

    Take Care. :)

    1. Yes Ajay, I have and thankyou for asking :)

  4. What a beautiful little story! I just started following you, feel free to follow back if you want to!

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  5. Hi,

    You beautifully described such a hard fact of life. I have many friends on facebook but we dont have the same relationship we used to have previously. Some events and incidents occur and we remember them..Life goes that way I suppose!!!!

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