Thursday, April 18, 2013

A few details..

... about our trip to New Orleans, Louisiana aka NOLA.

A few notches warmer.
A few shades tanned.
A few miles trudged.
A few gusts of salty breeze rustling my hair.
A few hours of gazing at the mighty Mississippi river.
A few extra hours lazed around.
A few fancy restaurants.
A few date nights.
A few extra drinks round the bar.
A few alcohol doused entrées!
A few 'I just died  and reached heaven' desserts.
A few pounds gained.
A few beautiful architectures.
A few photographs snapped.
A few hours of peace and quiet in the midst of the crowded downtown.
A few notes of music in the air, every so often.
A few days later, they are all memories.


  1. But what memories! Lovely photographs. I'm glad you had fun.

  2. Wow...I liked the few :)

    and Loved the photographs!!

  3. Lovely pics dear. Hope you had a great trip there.

    Xo Janika

  4. New Orleans has that quaint old world American feel to it, hope you caught some jazz as well! Pictures look great :)

  5. Oh WOW! The pics are just fab! And I loved how you did an update of your trip in just 'a few lines' ;)

    BTW, I'm "jazzed" :D to inform you hat I've nominated you for an award! Yay! Check it out:

  6. Awesome pictures :)

  7. Memories are what you keep for lifetime..
    First thing first..I just loved your header image.
    And the photographs of your trip are beautiful as well..

    Happy could land here :)

  8. Looks like you had a nice time. :) great pictures and nice post.

  9. Great photographs! They look so vintage!


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