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Book Review - Bossypants

Title: Bossypants.
Author: Tina Fey.
Publisher: Little, Brown & Company.
Year of Publication: 2011.
Format: Paperback.
Pages: 304.
Genre: Non fiction, Humor, Memoir.
Blurb: Here.

My Thoughts:
I have always found Tina Fey as a very entertaining person and when her book was released, I had to read it. From Weekend Update in Saturday Night Live to Liz Lemon in 30 rock and various comedy roles in movies, this woman has always been a 'Wow'.
Fey reveals some hilarious stories of the days when she had worked for NBC, about her struggle as a woman in the male dominated comedy show business side by side to her being the awkward teenage Greek girl with bushy eyebrows! Some of the chapters have photographs or illustrations, related to the subject matter. 
I wouldn't say this was a reveal it all autobiography even though she has been very candid in some areas, for instance about how she could't fit into a dress for a photoshoot and how she was fitted into one! Few of the wonderful stories that struck me was when spoke about her father, about how Oprah Winfrey made an appearance in 30 rock, her honeymoon, her daughter, her relationship with Amy Poehlar (even though I wish she had elaborated on Amy)

I recently started watching 30 rock and I swear, the show is hilarious. She was downplaying about the show throughout the book. Clever woman.. by making me have low expectations about the show, I was genuinely surprised at how funny the show was and how talented she is.

L:Tina Fey  R:Sarah Palin
In a nutshell, Bossypants is a memoir of a woman; growing up in a working class family, her awkward teenage years, her path to improv leading to Saturday Night Live, the Sarah Palin skit success, creation of 30 rock, her husband and her daughter.
After watching 30rock and now the book, I should say Fey is one of the most inspirational, funny and talented women of today.

 Some of the passages from her book is pure gold..

On growing up:
"I was wearing my best Gap turtleneck and my dates were two adult lesbians, so yea, I was pretty cool." 

 On beauty:
"If you retain nothing else, always remember the most important rule of beauty, 'who Cares'."

On Feminists:
“Feminists do the best Photoshop because they leave the meat on your bones. They don’t change your size or your skin color. They leave in your disgusting knuckles, but they may take out some armpit stubble. Not because they’re denying its existence, but because they understand that it’s okay to make a photo look as if you were caught on your best day in the best light.” 

On leadership:
"It is an impressively arrogant move to conclude that just because you don’t like something, it is empirically not good. I don’t like Chinese food, but I don’t write articles trying to prove it doesn't exist."

I did well up when I read her 'Mother's prayer to its daughter.' It was a realistic one without being all patronizing. For more quotes click here or better yet, read the book and watch 30rock!
They said the book is laugh out loud, absurdly funny. No its not. The book is hands down funny; more in the lines of sarcasm than out in the open laughter. After I was done with the book, I felt respect towards her.

My rating:

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