Friday, April 5, 2013

The Weird Diaries - 6


Almost everybody hates Mondays. It's understandable, since you were chilling out for 2 days and the thought of going back to school or work may dampen your high spirits. I'm one of those few who never had a problem with Mondays. No, I am not some goody two shoes. It's just that, I accepted the fact that Mondays are an inevitable entity. The thing which irks me is the incessant whining and b*tching that Monday has arrived or is about to arrive, especially on social networks!

So not cool, dude.

For this reason, I have come to despise Garfield. I used to love the lazy, always hungry, grumpy cat. It looks like he is the ambassador for Monday Haters.

 photo monday_zps20b48dec.gif

Just get over it already.
Mondays are not going anywhere!
Sundays are always going to be followed by Mondays.
So get your act together and get on with it. :|


  1. absolutely true....mondays are not going any where....:) and with every coming monday we will feel sad that it is monday last we have to get on with it..!!
    nice once..:)

  2. It is very this post.

  3. Agree with you.

    Hi, bloghopped my way here. Been reading you a coupla days now. Nice blog. Thought I'd say hi.

    Keep the vibe going. :)

  4. Absolutely !!! Lovely post... Over the years I think even I got drawn into the Monday Blues syndrome. But I have come out it successfully now :)

  5. ...I hate Mond- just kidding. I don't hate Mondays, I hate all the days.

  6. _-_ This is how low my eyes get before the thought of 'its a monday' strikes again!

    Mondays still suck. No wonder why they shouldn't.

  7. I stumbled on your blog, clicking random links on different blogs.

    Being a bookaholic myself, I love to read bloggers who write about books.

    The first thing I noticed that the different images you have used as header, It's talk alone a lot about your blog.

    Now come to this post, there was a time indeed, I used to love Mondays but not anymore.

    Keep Writing.

  8. lol... I feel the same and I liked Mondays because I was a workaholic and I like working. Haha!! Yeah.. I just said that!


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