Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Me lately..

  • Too busy getting mind numbed from back to back episodes of Lost. I cannot get enough of it.
  • Guilt tripping on my absolute lack of inspiration to write. So many half baked goodies in my draft. This post is sort of a revival technique.
  • Books stacked up to review.
  • Too many things about to happen like really soon. So this is like a calm before the storm. I'm kinda excited and  nervous about it. New realms.
  • I cannot believe Me and S are so f*king similar. Its just weird. No actually, its pretty cool to have a bestie who knows what you are thinking without you even having to open your mouth!
  • 5 months in and already made 2 trips and that too good ones! More on the DC trip.. soon.
  • Oh, oh, looks like I have mastered the technique of making round chapatis, which is like a metaphorical successful Mt Everest climb! :O
  • Temperatures going up. Cool is gradually turning to humid. Its funny how I keep a close watch now. Weather was probably the last thing in my mind back in India.
  • I think my crafty side is dead. xP :||
  • Addicted to giveaways. Always loved them, but right now..its almost unhealthy! Oh, I did win a necklace! :O Will post the pic once I get it.
  • I'm all about zen stones now. Something about them puts me at peace almost immediately!
  • My love for music is going through a strange phase now. There are days when I don't listen to as much as a note of music and then, there are days when my brain is all orchestra mode! That reminds me.. I'm kinda addicted to this one right here
  • May has been a month, of us watching some really really crappy creepy movies, except for The Great Gatsby. More on the another post.
  • I had absolutely nothing to write about, in the beginning of this post. Putting stuff into lists made all the difference. Hail OCD!  :|
I'm out. Will be back soon.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Its just been a month since the New Orleans trip and its time to pack my bags again? Whaaat ?!
TheBetterHalf has to attend a conference for a few days in Washington, DC, and I sure can tag along. :D
I can always chill and enjoy yet another new place.
If I had known about this trip, I wouldn't have even bothered to  unpack.  ;)
5 more days to go. Yeayyy!
My life does have its moments!

Wednesday, May 8, 2013


 I wake up to the sound of waves crashing against the rocks.
My skin, toasting in the sun.
Today, I don’t care about the tan. 

The sea breeze playing with my hair,
Today, I don’t care about my tousled tresses as I pull myself up.
Silently, I stroll on the shore while waves rush in to kiss my feet.
Today, I don’t care about the sand sticking on my legs.

I pick the bittersweet wild berries, 
The juice drips down my hands, staining my clothes.
Today, I am not anguished.

 I gaze at the horizon and watch the ships pass by.
I know they cannot see me, yet I wave at them.
Today, I don’t worry over the passing hours.

I build torpid sandcastles.
Today, I don’t care about the dirt in my nails.
I am not tormented about tomorrow.
Today, I make no plans.

I turn to the sea.
Stretching for miles, the waves consuming.
Today, I let it wash away my fears and doubts.

Peering into the shallow waters,
I look for seashells and starfishes.
Today, I scribble random words on the sand and smile.

I watch the sky turn an orange hue,
Today, I take the time to marvel at the picturesque canvas.
I lie down on the sand.
Tonight, I witness the first star to appear.

I breathe in the salty air,
As I watch the lighthouse in the distance.
Tonight, I wait for the starry blanket as I lay shivering.

My eyelids heavy with dreams.
I will think about tomorrow, when I get there.
Tonight I'm serene.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Book Review - Sharp Objects

Title: Sharp Objects.
Author: Gillian Flynn.
Publisher: Shaye Areheart Books.
Year of Publication: 2006.
Format: E-book.
Pages: 321.
Genre: Psychological Thriller, Suspense, Crime.
Blurb: Here.

Once I was done with Gone Girl, I had to read Flynn's other works. I got hold of Sharp Objects and finished it in a day.

My Thoughts:
Camille Preaker, a journalist in a mediocre newspaper, heads back to her hometown, Wind Gap in Missouri after many years to report on unsolved murders of two preteen girls. In her attempt to get to the bottom of the murders, she has to face the demons of her childhood, her estranged mother, Adora and her wild half sister Amma. It is evident that Camille is a troubled individual who had a difficult relationship with her mother and how things got worse after her sister had passed away when they were young.
The aloof and hate worthy coddling mother, the distant step father, the vicious and grown way too fast 13 year old half sister, Camille's high school friends who live the so called perfect life, the town folks, the same spiteful gossip doing the rounds in the small town. I cannot start to tell you how well the sense of dread is portrayed in this book.
I knew what I was getting into, when I began reading Sharp Objects. One of the things which I noticed about in Flynn's books are that  the characters are not very likable and most of them flawed to some deep, irreparable level. Camille Preaker is no different.  She drowns out her troubles by carving words on herself, drinking heavily and by being promiscuous. Flynn's characters don't really ask for the readers to feel empathetic towards them. 

I was left horrified at many sections. Flynn is not the type of an author who steers clear from uncomfortable situations which makes her writing all the more morbid and dark and I love it.
Unlike Gone Girl where the author kept pulling the carpet right under our feet, Sharp Objects was a little more predictable..atleast to an extend. Flynn did a commendable job by creating a sense of dread throughout the book. I had to know what happens at the end and finished the book in one go. Flynn has given a new meaning to the term family drama.

My rating

P.S - Review of Dark Places by Gillian Flynn will be up soon.

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Bookworm Musings 1

Ever happen to you, when a certain scene flashes in your head and you are pretty sure you saw it somewhere? You rack your brains wondering which movie or where exactly you actually saw it.. only to realize it was not some movie or something you saw in television. Instead, it was something you read about and your brain created such a wonderful, realistic scene making you think you actually saw it with your own eyes!
Happens to me from time to time.