Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Me lately..

  • Too busy getting mind numbed from back to back episodes of Lost. I cannot get enough of it.
  • Guilt tripping on my absolute lack of inspiration to write. So many half baked goodies in my draft. This post is sort of a revival technique.
  • Books stacked up to review.
  • Too many things about to happen like really soon. So this is like a calm before the storm. I'm kinda excited and  nervous about it. New realms.
  • I cannot believe Me and S are so f*king similar. Its just weird. No actually, its pretty cool to have a bestie who knows what you are thinking without you even having to open your mouth!
  • 5 months in and already made 2 trips and that too good ones! More on the DC trip.. soon.
  • Oh, oh, looks like I have mastered the technique of making round chapatis, which is like a metaphorical successful Mt Everest climb! :O
  • Temperatures going up. Cool is gradually turning to humid. Its funny how I keep a close watch now. Weather was probably the last thing in my mind back in India.
  • I think my crafty side is dead. xP :||
  • Addicted to giveaways. Always loved them, but right now..its almost unhealthy! Oh, I did win a necklace! :O Will post the pic once I get it.
  • I'm all about zen stones now. Something about them puts me at peace almost immediately!
  • My love for music is going through a strange phase now. There are days when I don't listen to as much as a note of music and then, there are days when my brain is all orchestra mode! That reminds me.. I'm kinda addicted to this one right here
  • May has been a month, of us watching some really really crappy creepy movies, except for The Great Gatsby. More on the another post.
  • I had absolutely nothing to write about, in the beginning of this post. Putting stuff into lists made all the difference. Hail OCD!  :|
I'm out. Will be back soon.


  1. I know what you mean. May has been pretty weird for me too, with my son breaking his fingers and me suffering from a blogging block. Hope June turns out better!

    1. I hope your son is okay now.
      Let's hope June will be better for us! :)


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