Wednesday, May 8, 2013


 I wake up to the sound of waves crashing against the rocks.
My skin, toasting in the sun.
Today, I don’t care about the tan. 

The sea breeze playing with my hair,
Today, I don’t care about my tousled tresses as I pull myself up.
Silently, I stroll on the shore while waves rush in to kiss my feet.
Today, I don’t care about the sand sticking on my legs.

I pick the bittersweet wild berries, 
The juice drips down my hands, staining my clothes.
Today, I am not anguished.

 I gaze at the horizon and watch the ships pass by.
I know they cannot see me, yet I wave at them.
Today, I don’t worry over the passing hours.

I build torpid sandcastles.
Today, I don’t care about the dirt in my nails.
I am not tormented about tomorrow.
Today, I make no plans.

I turn to the sea.
Stretching for miles, the waves consuming.
Today, I let it wash away my fears and doubts.

Peering into the shallow waters,
I look for seashells and starfishes.
Today, I scribble random words on the sand and smile.

I watch the sky turn an orange hue,
Today, I take the time to marvel at the picturesque canvas.
I lie down on the sand.
Tonight, I witness the first star to appear.

I breathe in the salty air,
As I watch the lighthouse in the distance.
Tonight, I wait for the starry blanket as I lay shivering.

My eyelids heavy with dreams.
I will think about tomorrow, when I get there.
Tonight I'm serene.


  1. Lovely poem Anisha !! I wish for one such day...literally! :)

    Btw, I am the Meera from blogger turned to Wordpress. :P Follow my blog now at

    1. Thankyou Meera :)
      I have followed you in wordpress :)

  2. This was so beautiful. Very close to my Utopian dream. :)

  3. This is so beautiful!! ^_^
    Sometimes, tired of all the clutter, we do feel like forgetting everything and enjoying the "moment" and what a beautiful scene you chose! I could totally imagine it. :)

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    Take Care. :)
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  5. lovely... this is awesome dear :)

  6. This is simply perfect, in every possible way. The process of reading itself was a second-hand experience of the freshness and liberation of the experience. Excellent imagery and brilliant play with words. Loved it!

  7. Thankyou for the positive feedback guys! :)
    Means a lot!

  8. This is such a gud piece Anisha.Beautiful imageries ..Loved it


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