Sunday, June 30, 2013

See you on the other side?

Change: Its inevitable.

The days have gone by in a jiffy and its the last day of June today. Very soon, there wouldn't be a Google Friend Connect aka GFC, no Follow button, no Google reader. Its almost like some sorta apocalypse!
Its a sad sad day. I am not much of a fan of change, but looks like we gotta go with the flow in this case. I guess its going to be Goodbye Google reader and Hello Bloglovin'.
You can all follow my blog in Bloglovin' which is similar to Google reader. Bloglovin' has made it easy for the bloggers to import all the blogs they follow in one easy step. I'm not looking forward to lose the awesome readers that you are. To follow my blog click here.
Also, you can like my Facebook page to get post updates here. To get all the updates, you might have to hover over the 'Like' button and click Settings. Once you did that, you can select All Updates and voila  all my post updates would come up on your news feed!
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I'm aware all this was shameless advertising, but hey, a girl's gotta do what she's gotta do :D

So see you all on the other side.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Reading Glasses!

Found this in the la la land of internet. Pretty clever, don't you think?

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Book Review - Keeping Score

A guide to Love & Relationships.

Title: Keeping Score ~ A Guide To Love & Relationships.
Author: Marc Brackett.
Format: E book.
Pages: 128.
Genre: Non Fiction/ Self Help.
Blurb: Here.

The author of book, Marc Brackett had sent me a copy of the book in exchange for an unbiased opinion.

My Thoughts:
The author claims Keeping Score is a relationship book even a man will read. I wouldn't doubt that. This book is a very straight forward book regarding relationships. This wonderful pocket sized book can be targeted not only for married/committed couples but also for singles. The book is in the format of a questionnaire, which peaked my interest. Set up in sections, it has questions for both men and women. First comes the questions for Adam and Eve. The questions differ according to the gender. Going forward, the questions were divided into different subcategories which includes questions regarding career, money, faith, in laws, children etc. The book works side by side with the author's website, This is for an insight to the score you get after taking questionnaire in the book. 

 The book basically revolves around the questionnaire. Keeping Score: to say the least, is based on practicality instead of harping on unrealistic goals. One of the important factor discussed was money and rightly so. We are all aware that working on relationships cannot be done in a day. It takes time and patience from both parties involved in a relationship. The author goes on to give realistic tips on working on the relationships in our lives.    
The advice or tips provided are not out of the world or something which we are not already aware of. However, it sure does make one pause and analyse their relationship on a much deeper level. All in all an enjoyable read!

My Rating:

Friday, June 21, 2013

Bookworm Musings 2

:) photo Me_zps36da5972.gif

In a perfect toon world I would like to believe, it's me sitting right there.. with the book obviously! 

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Replay Mode 2

Remember George Michael? Say what you want..I love the chap. I feel he has a honey voice. :D This song features some beautiful supermodels of those times (80s-90s) like Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell etc. Good times when the models were not anorexic! Such a catchy song. This song has been on my replay list this week. An oldie but a goodie! A stroll down memory lane. Sigh!

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Book Review - Lord of the Flies

Title: Lord Of The Flies.
Author: William Golding.
Publisher: Klett Ernst /Schulbuch.
Year of Publication: 1954. 
Format: Paperback.
Pages: 208.
Genre: Allegory, Fiction, YA, Classic.
Blurb: Here.

My Thoughts:
I have always wanted to read this book, mainly intrigued by its name. So when I bought the book from Amazon, I was surprised to see a pocket sized book. A small book, but the wonders it holds!
Lord of the Flies is a tale about a group of pre-adolescent  English school boys stranded in an inhabited island. This occurs somewhere around the second world war. Initially the boys are all happy that they are away from elders and can have fun in the beach. A leader is chosen and make-shift rules are made. The person who holds the conch gets to speak and the rest listens. The kids uses the glasses of Piggy to make fire. They gather food to eat and get a signal fire burning to get rescued by any ships passing by. Everything seems to be in order till slowly but steadily order gives in to chaos. A vivid imagination or a rumor spreads among the boys about a monster lurking in the jungle. Things turn from bad to worse when there is power struggle between the boys and they descend into being savages! Which tribe will rule the island? The savages led by Jack or the others who still wants to leave the island? 

What I liked most about the book is its symbolism. The characters mainly Ralph- good and the leader, Jack- bad and egoistic, Piggy- intelligent yet bullied by the boys, Simon- the innocent, Roger- evil in its true form.  The glasses, the conch, the pig's head. Everything and everybody has a meaning behind it. I was left wonder struck at how the author so delicately drew a picture so horrifying. He wrote almost nothing violent, yet nudges the readers to imagine the worst and leaves us dreading. I couldn't help but wonder which character would I be..then I realized, I would not survive. :|
This book is very disturbing to say the least. The reason being the author, who so ahead of his time has portrayed human nature when there is little to no steadfast rules. He goes ahead to depict that we humans are not so different from the animals and that we have the instincts of predators.
On the surface, the story is about what happens when rules don't apply. However in a different perspective, we can see that the author has described that the inherent evil exists in us. Humans a mix of good and bad. That we are as capable of bad as we are of good. The story remains with you long after you are done with it.

My Rating:

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Things are just peachy!

So when I thought things have been little on the meh side.. I have been blessed with bouts of dry cough and a really sad case of sore throat. Few days back I notice my voice is replaced by what can be best described as a frog croaking! All these years, I have never ever lost my voice. The doctor informs me, that I am in no need of medication. All that I need is to drink plenty of fluids and have cough syrup. So it was disturbed coughing nights and drowsy mornings!
Adding on to the misery, I cut my hand. Well, not my hand; the webbing between the thumb & the index finger. It is not a pleasant sight to see blood gushing out. It almost felt like I was witnessing some badly edited B grade movie:  the getting wounded scene! :| I think I saw my vein pounding like my heart.
Trying not to freak out like a maniac, I spent some quality amount of hours reading a book. Whaat? The book was quite on the intriguing side! When the pain was getting more prominent by the minute and no sign of the bleeding to stop, I decided to get it checked out. High time, right!?
TheBetterHalf not being around was a major setback. He didn't knows his wife's antics! Contemplating whether to call 911 or go to the ER, I manged to get hold of my general physician. One look at the wound and he said the dreaded words..'need to get stitches'. It seems the cut is in a 'bad spot and is getting bigger the more I move'. That was quite obvious ain't it? Mummmyyyyyyy! :~
The last time I was sewn up, I was 3 years old and after I was discharged, I got to sit on my dad's lap and enjoy a bottle of ice cold Goldspot and was babied till I got better! Today, I had nobody with me. I wanted to cry out loud. Yea, I can be quite the self pity type. By the time TheBetterHalf came to know, I was done with the stitches and a tetanus shot. The nice neighbor of mine dropped me back home.
 I cannot even tie my hair, however  I have a messy hair updo, which actually looks good: thanks to the guy I married!
Can barely move my fingers..I don't know about the Goldspot but I'm being babied :D
I have 2 choices in front of me..
  • get high on low dose painkillers.
  • swig down a large shot of whiskey on the rocks. 
I guess I will go for the latter. :|

I did type this whole thing with my one hand. Talk about dedication, eh!

.. yes it hurts lik f*king hell & I can scream!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Book Review - Dark Places

Title: Dark Places.
Author: Gillian Flynn.
Publisher: Broadway.
Year of Publication: 2009.
 Format: E- book.
Pages: 368.
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Crime.
Blurb: Here.

My Thoughts:
I have raved  and praised Ms Flynn's Gone Girl & Sharp Objects. Well, this book has got to be the cherry on top! Dark Objects as the name suggests is one heck of a morbidly twisted dark book. One thing which is made pretty clear is that her books are just not for the faint hearts.
The book starts with an unsettling Schoolyard Rhyme from 1985. It describes the 'The Satan Sacrifice of Kinnakee, Kansas'. 
The plot opens with Libby Day in her late twenties, the sole survivor of the Kansas Massacre. Almost 25 years since her mother and 2 sisters were brutally murdered in their home one winter night. Seven year old Libby had miraculously escaped that night as her mother and sisters lay dying in their own pool of blood. The young Libby later testifies her 15 year old brother, Ben to be the murderer. 
Libby Day has been living off the sympathy money which has been sent to her by the many concerned  citizens of the country. Now the money is dwindled down to almost nothing. Enter - The Kill Club. A society of crazed fans of crimes of the past. They are convinced that Libby's brother is not the murderer. They offer to pay her if she could retrace her steps back to that fateful day. 
Libby is one of those protagonists who is intriguing to say the least. How the murders has stunted her emotionally, resulting in her being almost callous. Her willingness to dig into her own family tragedy for money is quite pathetic.

The chapters flash between the present day and the day of the murder. The day of the murder is described by the hour between the young Ben Day and their mother Patty Day. It describes how fate was just playing games with the Day Family. The teenager, frustrated and angry at how penniless they are. The mother, weak and anguished on the failing crops and her growing children and their demands! I must say, the suspense was unbearable. Like I mentioned since the plot shuttled between the past and the present, each chapter would end with an unbelievably alarming cliffhanger!  
As Libby starts investigating her own past, she starts to have doubts in her testimony. In addition to all these , there is the alleged Satan Worship. Is it true that Ben is a Satan worshiper? Did he kill off his family?  Or worse..Is he innocent? If he is.. he had spent the past 25 years sitting in prison. There are a lotta unanswered questions which as the chapters progress makes complete sense. Everything falls in to place. You will not see it coming! An edge-of-your-seat suspense, page turner without a sliver of doubt. 
I think this is my favorite among the 3 books Flynn has written. I hope her fourth book comes out really really fast. I might have withdrawal symptoms!

My rating:

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Replay mode 1

Don't ask me why. I am addicted to this song and the video. Its on a continuous replay loop!

Monday, June 3, 2013

The DC trip

** Photo heavy post**

The hotel in the midst of a traffic heavy highway.. the view from the room was to die for.
The room so spacious and inviting, that I would rather sleep in, than bother going out!
The people ever so friendly that it was almost unbelievable.
Delectable lunch buffets. Romantic dinners.
Mojitos and cosmopolitans played with my taste buds.
The nights starry and the days cloudy. A spectacular view of the sun setting every evening.
The overwhelming amount of people in the underground metros.
I had to stop and breathe for a moment not to get swept away.
I missed the cherry blossoms..the monuments lefts me breathless.
The architecture so intricate, that a day or week is not enough to do justice!
The museums one after the other!
Unlike the usual tours, I took my own sweet time drinking in the beauty that surrounded me.
Like a sponge I absorbed all of it. My feet sore, my shoulders numb, I walked.
My hunger satiated, I made my way back to my room.
Flew back home, the next day. Somebody mentioned I looked serene...
I was.