Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Book Review - Dark Places

Title: Dark Places.
Author: Gillian Flynn.
Publisher: Broadway.
Year of Publication: 2009.
 Format: E- book.
Pages: 368.
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Suspense, Crime.
Blurb: Here.

My Thoughts:
I have raved  and praised Ms Flynn's Gone Girl & Sharp Objects. Well, this book has got to be the cherry on top! Dark Objects as the name suggests is one heck of a morbidly twisted dark book. One thing which is made pretty clear is that her books are just not for the faint hearts.
The book starts with an unsettling Schoolyard Rhyme from 1985. It describes the 'The Satan Sacrifice of Kinnakee, Kansas'. 
The plot opens with Libby Day in her late twenties, the sole survivor of the Kansas Massacre. Almost 25 years since her mother and 2 sisters were brutally murdered in their home one winter night. Seven year old Libby had miraculously escaped that night as her mother and sisters lay dying in their own pool of blood. The young Libby later testifies her 15 year old brother, Ben to be the murderer. 
Libby Day has been living off the sympathy money which has been sent to her by the many concerned  citizens of the country. Now the money is dwindled down to almost nothing. Enter - The Kill Club. A society of crazed fans of crimes of the past. They are convinced that Libby's brother is not the murderer. They offer to pay her if she could retrace her steps back to that fateful day. 
Libby is one of those protagonists who is intriguing to say the least. How the murders has stunted her emotionally, resulting in her being almost callous. Her willingness to dig into her own family tragedy for money is quite pathetic.

The chapters flash between the present day and the day of the murder. The day of the murder is described by the hour between the young Ben Day and their mother Patty Day. It describes how fate was just playing games with the Day Family. The teenager, frustrated and angry at how penniless they are. The mother, weak and anguished on the failing crops and her growing children and their demands! I must say, the suspense was unbearable. Like I mentioned since the plot shuttled between the past and the present, each chapter would end with an unbelievably alarming cliffhanger!  
As Libby starts investigating her own past, she starts to have doubts in her testimony. In addition to all these , there is the alleged Satan Worship. Is it true that Ben is a Satan worshiper? Did he kill off his family?  Or worse..Is he innocent? If he is.. he had spent the past 25 years sitting in prison. There are a lotta unanswered questions which as the chapters progress makes complete sense. Everything falls in to place. You will not see it coming! An edge-of-your-seat suspense, page turner without a sliver of doubt. 
I think this is my favorite among the 3 books Flynn has written. I hope her fourth book comes out really really fast. I might have withdrawal symptoms!

My rating:


  1. Whoa! Scary book. And yeah, morbid. But equally mysterious. Great review :D

  2. Thank you for sharing ! Scary sounding !


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