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Book Review - Lord of the Flies

Title: Lord Of The Flies.
Author: William Golding.
Publisher: Klett Ernst /Schulbuch.
Year of Publication: 1954. 
Format: Paperback.
Pages: 208.
Genre: Allegory, Fiction, YA, Classic.
Blurb: Here.

My Thoughts:
I have always wanted to read this book, mainly intrigued by its name. So when I bought the book from Amazon, I was surprised to see a pocket sized book. A small book, but the wonders it holds!
Lord of the Flies is a tale about a group of pre-adolescent  English school boys stranded in an inhabited island. This occurs somewhere around the second world war. Initially the boys are all happy that they are away from elders and can have fun in the beach. A leader is chosen and make-shift rules are made. The person who holds the conch gets to speak and the rest listens. The kids uses the glasses of Piggy to make fire. They gather food to eat and get a signal fire burning to get rescued by any ships passing by. Everything seems to be in order till slowly but steadily order gives in to chaos. A vivid imagination or a rumor spreads among the boys about a monster lurking in the jungle. Things turn from bad to worse when there is power struggle between the boys and they descend into being savages! Which tribe will rule the island? The savages led by Jack or the others who still wants to leave the island? 

What I liked most about the book is its symbolism. The characters mainly Ralph- good and the leader, Jack- bad and egoistic, Piggy- intelligent yet bullied by the boys, Simon- the innocent, Roger- evil in its true form.  The glasses, the conch, the pig's head. Everything and everybody has a meaning behind it. I was left wonder struck at how the author so delicately drew a picture so horrifying. He wrote almost nothing violent, yet nudges the readers to imagine the worst and leaves us dreading. I couldn't help but wonder which character would I be..then I realized, I would not survive. :|
This book is very disturbing to say the least. The reason being the author, who so ahead of his time has portrayed human nature when there is little to no steadfast rules. He goes ahead to depict that we humans are not so different from the animals and that we have the instincts of predators.
On the surface, the story is about what happens when rules don't apply. However in a different perspective, we can see that the author has described that the inherent evil exists in us. Humans a mix of good and bad. That we are as capable of bad as we are of good. The story remains with you long after you are done with it.

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  1. I've always wanted to read this book! I think I'm going to get it now :)


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