Monday, June 3, 2013

The DC trip

** Photo heavy post**

The hotel in the midst of a traffic heavy highway.. the view from the room was to die for.
The room so spacious and inviting, that I would rather sleep in, than bother going out!
The people ever so friendly that it was almost unbelievable.
Delectable lunch buffets. Romantic dinners.
Mojitos and cosmopolitans played with my taste buds.
The nights starry and the days cloudy. A spectacular view of the sun setting every evening.
The overwhelming amount of people in the underground metros.
I had to stop and breathe for a moment not to get swept away.
I missed the cherry blossoms..the monuments lefts me breathless.
The architecture so intricate, that a day or week is not enough to do justice!
The museums one after the other!
Unlike the usual tours, I took my own sweet time drinking in the beauty that surrounded me.
Like a sponge I absorbed all of it. My feet sore, my shoulders numb, I walked.
My hunger satiated, I made my way back to my room.
Flew back home, the next day. Somebody mentioned I looked serene...
I was.


  1. I am first time visiting your blog and it exudes the freshness I was longing for! And the photography- You nailed it madam! :)

    1. In that case you are always welcome here!
      Thankyou :)

  2. splendid :) really great photos,...treat to eyes!

  3. Looks like you had a really good time. DC is one of the top to-visit places on my list, especially after read Dan Brown's Lost Symbol. The city has such a spectacular history.


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