Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Things are just peachy!

So when I thought things have been little on the meh side.. I have been blessed with bouts of dry cough and a really sad case of sore throat. Few days back I notice my voice is replaced by what can be best described as a frog croaking! All these years, I have never ever lost my voice. The doctor informs me, that I am in no need of medication. All that I need is to drink plenty of fluids and have cough syrup. So it was disturbed coughing nights and drowsy mornings!
Adding on to the misery, I cut my hand. Well, not my hand; the webbing between the thumb & the index finger. It is not a pleasant sight to see blood gushing out. It almost felt like I was witnessing some badly edited B grade movie:  the getting wounded scene! :| I think I saw my vein pounding like my heart.
Trying not to freak out like a maniac, I spent some quality amount of hours reading a book. Whaat? The book was quite on the intriguing side! When the pain was getting more prominent by the minute and no sign of the bleeding to stop, I decided to get it checked out. High time, right!?
TheBetterHalf not being around was a major setback. He didn't knows his wife's antics! Contemplating whether to call 911 or go to the ER, I manged to get hold of my general physician. One look at the wound and he said the dreaded words..'need to get stitches'. It seems the cut is in a 'bad spot and is getting bigger the more I move'. That was quite obvious ain't it? Mummmyyyyyyy! :~
The last time I was sewn up, I was 3 years old and after I was discharged, I got to sit on my dad's lap and enjoy a bottle of ice cold Goldspot and was babied till I got better! Today, I had nobody with me. I wanted to cry out loud. Yea, I can be quite the self pity type. By the time TheBetterHalf came to know, I was done with the stitches and a tetanus shot. The nice neighbor of mine dropped me back home.
 I cannot even tie my hair, however  I have a messy hair updo, which actually looks good: thanks to the guy I married!
Can barely move my fingers..I don't know about the Goldspot but I'm being babied :D
I have 2 choices in front of me..
  • get high on low dose painkillers.
  • swig down a large shot of whiskey on the rocks. 
I guess I will go for the latter. :|

I did type this whole thing with my one hand. Talk about dedication, eh!

.. yes it hurts lik f*king hell & I can scream!


  1. Aww hope you feel better soon! And sounds like you've got a nice betterhalf, so your recovery will be quick as well :)

    1. I hope so too! Thankyou:)
      Wouldn't know what to do without him around!

  2. Oh dear, I pray it gets better soon enough!! Hope you have episodes of your fav TV show to keep you company!


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