Friday, July 12, 2013

Book Review - The Princess Problem

Title: The Princess Problem.
Author:Diane Darcy.
 Format: E-book.
Pages: 121.
Genre: Chick lit, Rom Com.
Blurb: Here.

My Thoughts:
The Princess Problem : A short read. A very cute & light chick lit book. I must say I loved the cover page of the book. The story is a about a young woman called Alicia Dayne. Alicia is a smart and career oriented person. Willa Highborn and her son Jonas Highborn runs a very successful mattress company. Alicia is contacted by Willa to do an ad for her company. That's the big break Alicia was looking for in her career!
Very soon, she meets the handsome and super successful owner Jonas Highborn. He seems to be against her idea of having a fairy tale themed advertisement. Even though their relation does not start at the best of terms, his matchmaking mother is convinced that they are meant to be. Soon, sparks fly between Alicia and Jonas. Jonas soon realizes Alicia is The One even though Alicia has her doubts since she doesn't want another heartbreak in her life. I really liked the chemistry between the two characters. 

Yes, some parts are a little too much to be realistic, for instance the whole falling in love happens with in a span of a week maybe and convincing Alicia to give them a chance takes Jonas about a day! Yet, the book was an enjoyable read. It's a chick lit and too good to be true stuff does happen. So let's all be happy, eh? The conversations and arguments were very realistic and kinda cute. The insecurities which Alicia feels are pretty convincing. In more than one scene, I caught myself smiling to the events unfolding. That, according to me makes this book a fairly good read!
The book ended way too quickly in my opinion. In a nutshell, a fun, one sitting read!

My Rating:

P.S: The kindle copy is still free in Amazon!

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Google it !

Did you? Did you? 
Yea, I'm pretty jobless :D
Think you need to start packing and move there? :P
I sure am thinking about it!

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Book Review - Lest The Dew Rust Them

Title: Lest The Dew Rust Them.
Author: Michael Drakich.
Publisher: Self Published.
Year of Publication: 2013.
 Format: E-book.
Pages: 256.
Genre: Crime, Thriller.
Blurb: Here.

The author had sent me a copy of the book for a honest opinion.

My Thoughts:
What I first noticed about the book, is its unique title. It sure doesn't sound like an average book title, does it? Anyhow moving on to the story..
New York has its own new set of terror : Decapitations! Videos of decapitations are made available for the whole world to see by a group claiming to be The Sword Masters. Homeland Security Director, Robert Grimmson is getting worried by the minute since he hasnt figured out a way to contain the acts of terrorism. To top it off, a passenger has just arrived at the JFK airport and along with him, more than a thousand swords! The passenger being Alexander Suten-Mdjai, an extremely skilled sword trainer who addresses himself as The Sword Master. Now that sounds way too much of a coincidence for Mr Grimmson. Facing more obstacles from politicians and the media, Grimmson finds it very difficult to move forward in solving the case. Each clue leads him to Mr Suten-Mdjai, who being a very patient and honorable man co-operates with the Director and enlightens him with the history of each sword that he possesses and his lineage.

This book is a perfect blend of crime, historical fiction & mystery. Lest The Dew Rust Them went ahead and captivated me from the word go. The book is not a whodunnit, rather the author lets the readers know early enough about the identity of the killers. Even though the killers are mentioned from the beginning of the book, I felt their characters were not given the justice of having a back story. What pushed them to the killings. It's clear none of them are happy with the current situation. But what was the tipping point? There was only one antagonist who had some sort of a character development. It would have been interesting to read the history of the killers. How they all met and decided on committing the heinous crimes that they did.
Having said that, the story remained interesting enough, since I was curious as to how will they get caught. Plus even though I personally liked the character of Alexander Suten-Mdjai, I had a fleeting discomfort with him. The author did a good job clouding his character with a mysterious aura. The tension builds in New York as one video taped decapitation is followed by yet another one, the readers would feel the tension building up too. One of my favorite scenes in the book was when all the main characters are in the same room and anything could happen!
 I only wish the cover of the book was different too. For a crime based thriller, the cover feels like a downer. In a nutshell, Lest The Dew Rust Them is a riveting crime thriller. By the time I was almost done with the book, the reason behind the name of the book was revealed and it was quite on the impressive note!

My Rating:

Monday, July 1, 2013

Movie Picks - June

After a hiatus of 2 months, Movie Picks is back. Not that I didn't watch movies in April & May, rather the movies were so damn lame that I could barely remember the names of the movies watched. It felt like a drag to even bother writing about it later. I will never get back those hours spent. Heartbreaking actually :|
June looks kinda okhaii compared to its preceding 2 months. So let's get to it.

1. The Hangover Part lll

Movie: The Hangover Part III (2013).
Genre: Comedy.
Starring: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Ken Jeong.
Suggested by: Me.
The sunshine: Well, it was about time to get to the end of the trilogy. Movie2 was cringe worthy enough and this one was a refreshing change. Bradley Cooper sure looks yummilicious! Ken Jeong knows how to swear like there is no tomorrow and still manage to make the audience split sides! Liked the fact that the movie ended in Vegas, taking into the account the whole thing started there. Also liked Melisa Mccarthy's cameo appearance.
The downpour: The fact that they used a giraffe as a prop. So totally not needed. It was like they were trying so hard to include an animal more crazier or weirder than the preceding 2 movies and a giraffe sure is weird! Zach Galifianakis was quite annoying in some scenes. I guess he did a good job for the character he was portraying. Me, not a huge fan though.

2. Sinister

Movie: Sinister (2012).
Genre: Horror, Thriller.
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Juliet Rylance, Nicholas King.
Suggested byA random blog claiming the movie gave the author nightmares. So obviously the fraidy cat in me wanted to watch it!
The sunshine: The movie had its perks. Was creepy enough. Had few jump-from-your-seats scenes. The villain chap was quite creepy looking.
The downpour: Lame lame plot. The movie had potential. Looks like the writers had a good start and then they got bored and just sorta patched up the ending. The trailer bascially tells you the whole story. Yet, I dwindled my hours watching this movie :| No, this movie did not give me any nightmares unlike Paranormal Activity series. Let's not even go there. I was an insomniac & too scared to open my eyes at night! *shudders*

3. World War Z

Movie: World War Z (2013).
Genre: Zombies, Action.
Starring: Brad Pitt, Mireille Enos, Daniella Kertesz.
Suggested by: The Internet, The Movie Theatres.
The sunshine: Based on a book; even thought the author claims the similarities between the book and the movie ends at the name. Since I haven't read the book, I have no clue. The cinematography  was commendable. The zombies. They were not the slow moving ones, but the fast ferocious ones. They didn't make the zombies too morbid to look at. No slime, no gobbling down brain scenes. Had coupla jump-from-your-seats scenes. I liked the ending.
The downpour: Brad Pitt's hair. I wish someone had given him a haircut. I was soo looking forward to this movie. It was more of a flat drink without any fizz. You can maybe, leave your brains out and go watch it. No pun intended. Many of the scenes didn't even make sense. I'm not sure whether I will watch its sequel.

4. The Purge

Movie: The Purge (2013).
Genre: Horror, Thriller.
Starring: Ethan Hawke, Lena Headey, Rhys Wakefield.
Suggested by: Youtube, Me.
The sunshine: There was an ending.
The downpour: Yet another movie I was psyched about. What's happening to my movie tastes? I have been wanting to watch one crappy movie after another :| The only good scenes in the movie are the ones in the trailer. I wanted to kill everybody in the movie, especially the son in the movie. God, he was like the most frustrating character in the movie. 15 minutes into the movie, I wanted them all dead. I loved the villain chap. :|| The only good thing in the movie.

5. Stoker

Movie: Stoker (2013).
Genre: Thriller, Mystery, Psychological Thriller
Starring: Mia Wasikowska, Nicole Kidman, Matthew Goode.
Suggested by: Me & TheBetterHalf.
The sunshine: We were bored one weekend and decide to watch this. This movie was a fry cry from the other movies. Nicole Kidman looked ravishing. Matthew Goode : yummilicious candidate no.2. The movie was creepy in a very subtle manner. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie especially after 2-3 crappy movies!
The downpour: The name of the main character was India. It felt rather fake. Other than that I don't think there was anything wrong.

6. Pineapple Express

Movie: Pineapple Express (2008).
Genre: Comedy, Stoner Comedy.
Starring: Seth Rogen, James Franco, Danny McBride.
Suggested by: TheBetterHalf
The sunshine: The movie was funny. Franco was a riot, always high and mellow. Stoner comedies are always such fun to watch. :D Light movie. Not much to think about. I really want to watch their new movie This is the End.
The downpour: There was really not much of a downpour.

Movie Picks - January