Friday, July 12, 2013

Book Review - The Princess Problem

Title: The Princess Problem.
Author:Diane Darcy.
 Format: E-book.
Pages: 121.
Genre: Chick lit, Rom Com.
Blurb: Here.

My Thoughts:
The Princess Problem : A short read. A very cute & light chick lit book. I must say I loved the cover page of the book. The story is a about a young woman called Alicia Dayne. Alicia is a smart and career oriented person. Willa Highborn and her son Jonas Highborn runs a very successful mattress company. Alicia is contacted by Willa to do an ad for her company. That's the big break Alicia was looking for in her career!
Very soon, she meets the handsome and super successful owner Jonas Highborn. He seems to be against her idea of having a fairy tale themed advertisement. Even though their relation does not start at the best of terms, his matchmaking mother is convinced that they are meant to be. Soon, sparks fly between Alicia and Jonas. Jonas soon realizes Alicia is The One even though Alicia has her doubts since she doesn't want another heartbreak in her life. I really liked the chemistry between the two characters. 

Yes, some parts are a little too much to be realistic, for instance the whole falling in love happens with in a span of a week maybe and convincing Alicia to give them a chance takes Jonas about a day! Yet, the book was an enjoyable read. It's a chick lit and too good to be true stuff does happen. So let's all be happy, eh? The conversations and arguments were very realistic and kinda cute. The insecurities which Alicia feels are pretty convincing. In more than one scene, I caught myself smiling to the events unfolding. That, according to me makes this book a fairly good read!
The book ended way too quickly in my opinion. In a nutshell, a fun, one sitting read!

My Rating:

P.S: The kindle copy is still free in Amazon!


  1. Hi there! I am first time visiting your blog and it is absolutely adorable!
    I wonder whether the book is suitable for me or not :P :D

    1. Thankyou :)
      If you like chick lit, you would love this :p :D


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