Thursday, August 29, 2013

Movie Picks - August

August was a pretty good month for movies.

 1. Wedding Crashers 

Movie: Wedding Crashers (2005).
Genre: Comedy.
Starring: Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams,  Isla Fisher.
Suggested by: TheBetterHalf.
The sunshine: Yea, I know I know. I never got a chance bothered to watch it in the past. I don't know why. One lazy Sunday afternoon, we decided to watch this for a good laugh. I so totally love Owen Wilson. The movie was funny & corny. It was a good timepass. Cameo appearance of Will Ferrel.
The downpour: Um.. nothing. I think I would have enjoyed it more if I saw it around the time when the movie was still new.

2. The Conjuring

Movie: The Conjuring (2013).

Genre: Horror.
Starring: Patrick Nelson, Vera Farmiga, Ron Livingston, Lili Taylor.
Suggested by: Me.
The sunshine: Ever since I saw the trailer on Youtube, me and Bestie eagerly waited for the movie to hit the theaters. Ever since I saw the trailer and the movie, I make sure I keep my closet doors shut, I tuck in my feet under the blanket at night. I require lights at night to go pee. Its mandatory now. :| Yes, the movie scared the bejesus out of me. I was impressed that it was a small budget movie with almost no fancy effects. The silent soundtrack. The actors have all done a commendable job. The sequel is coming. They say all of this is real. It is some scary sh*t and these people do really exist!
The downpour: The ending and only the ending. After such a scary ride, I felt the ending was just way too quick and lukewarm.

3. Elysium 
Movie: Elysium (2013).
Genre: Sci Fi, Action.
Starring: Matt Damon, Jodie Foster, Sharlto Copley.
Suggested by: A colleague of TheBetterHalf.
The sunshine: I did not have much expectations. After watching Oblivion, I thought this is yet another 'Earth is no longer the right place to live' kinda movie. It kinda is. However  the movie was surprisingly good. It was a visual extravaganza. Matt Damon. I liked the antagonist chap. The fact that an Indian guy is the President of Elysium was amusing.  Thankfully, they kept the ending realistic as far as the movie is concerned.
The downpour: Nothing really. If you watch the movie as a cynic, you might roll your eyes a bit. Watch the movie like as though anything is possible. For example, a complete restructure of a mashed up face in a couple of minutes is cakewalk in Elysium.

4. District 9

Movie: District 9 (2009).
Genre: Sci Fi, Indie, Thriller.
Starring: Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope.
Suggested by: Me.
The sunshine: After watching Elysium and thoroughly enjoying it, I checked out other movies by the same director and this seemed interesting.  Taken in the form of  a documentary. Very realistically done. This movie made me feel sick. When I say that, it means it was so brilliantly taken that I couldn't really bring myself to look at the screen sometimes. The protagonist in this movie is the antagonist in Elysium. The chap is a gifted actor. Again , as far as the movie is concerned, the ending was realistic. Saddening but perfect ending in my opinion. It seems there might be a sequel. 
The downpour: That it made me squirm in my seat which is not a bad thing actually.  I didn't eat my dinner that day so this movie left me hungry. Yes that is the downpour. :|

5. We're The Millers

Movie: We're The Millers (2013).
Genre: Comedy.
Starring: Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, Will Poulter.
Suggested by: Me.
The sunshine: Absolute Riot. I loved everybody in this movie. It was just a lame ass funny movie which I enjoyed from beginning to end. Laugh out loud comedy. The movie theater was booming with laughter. The plot is not heavy funda. It was the way the movie was directed which made it so hilarious and again the ending was not cheesy.
The downpour: Nil.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The blue mouse & other gibberish

It has come to this.. It took me 7 months to go back to my lousy, lazy self. I was quite happy that I was writing more this year than the last until recently, when all my mojo/drive went down the drain. Today, Bestie asks me whether I have put my blog in a pickle mode. Something like this, she says.

Frankly, her comment was quite amusing but then she has a way with words and it did kinda hit the bull's eye. This blog has been marinating for some time now.
Things have been varying from busy to just mehh.
I seem to be having a love hate relationship with routine. When I starve for adventure and change, normalcy prevails. I would look at the calender and see nothing new happening in the days that follows. Eventually, when I get settled in the cozy corner of routine, something happens to jump start and ruin all sense of.. well the peace! My days would be booked.
Recently TheBetterHalf and I were having a conversation about how our (individual) lives(goals & aspirations) would be in the near future, say 5 years. The (not so) surprising thing is he knew almost exactly how its going to turn out. Me, on the other hand knew zilch. I don't know what will happen a month from now. However, I do know what would happen 2 weeks from now. ;) In a way its comforting to have a partner who kinda has a hold on whats happening than just going with the flow like me.
Oh that reminds me.. 30th August - we celebrate our Third Wedding Anniversary. Since Labor Day is on Sep 2 Monday, we have an extended weekend. Yeaayy! So we have decided to go to Wisconsin. The past coupla months were hectic, to say the least. Its going to be a road trip. Woo hoo!! I have never been on a road trip. I am pretty excited about that. I have still not made my lists. Bestie #facepalmed when she heard this. One would think, she would get used to my OCD antics. I guess I keep amusing her :P
We did watch coupla movies, so there would be a Movie Picks post this month. Right now I am reading a rather old, short and a difficult to get through book. Maybe I am distracted.

After watching the entire 5 seasons of Ally Mcbeal, I have not yet found my next big favorite watch. I am juggling Charmed, Crossing Jordon & Lipstick Jungle. Watching Breaking Bad (which is so totally awesome) is the new 'our' thing. So I have to wait for him to be free as well. Bummer!

Btw, I have a blue mouse now. Seee. :D

In other news, I had been planning to get my hair cut for some time and yesterday I brought myself to get it done. The idea of getting my hair highlighted has been in my head for a very very long time. Never had the balls to go through with it. Yesterday was the day. I got it done. 5 inches of my hair chopped off and 'caramel' highlights done. I wanted something really really subtle and guess what, I was blonde for a good 20 minutes! :|
Haa talk about trauma. Anyway, the hair stylist kinda worked things out for the better but definitely not the best. Now, I look like some Fiery Fire Goddess Furnace. Its a lesson learned. Be happy with the hair color you have. :||

Don't be fooled by the pics. It really DOES kinda look like I'm on fire. I have been obsessively checking the mirror today and each time, my thoughts varied from 'what was I thinking' to 'meh it looks kinda okay.' 
Either, I am going to go with it or crawl back to my hair stylist to get it back to normal.

I will be back soon..ish.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bookworm Musings 3

Picking a book to read is more difficult than picking an outfit! This is what happens when you have more books than you can count and is obsessively collecting more. ;)

So after weighing the many pros and cons, you pick a book. The plot seems enthralling enough. The author: either is one of  your favorites or someone new. You may or may not even care for the title and you either have absolutely no idea or a fleeting intuition, the reason why the author settled for it. Ever wondered why? I do wonder and without an answer I start reading it. You are aware, there might be direct dots connecting between the plot and the title. You don't know what the connection is yet.
 I let myself plunge into the deepest layers of secrets the book has to offer, knowing well enough.. any minute now, the author would explain why he named the book what he has named! That one moment of revelation, my friend is one of  the innumerable reasons why I love reading. It's that  Ahaaa moment which makes it all worth it! It's like the author just revealed his deciding moment of his work; how his work of art would be perceived by the world. How we take it for granted!

P.S: I'm in the downloading-free-Kindle-books-like-a-crazy-person mode right now, which brings me to this.. all you bookworms out there.. you should/must/have to check out this website OneHundredFreeBooks. This chap, Ed is heaven sent. Everyday he lets us know the free kindle books available in Amazon! Now don't we all love freebies! You can all thank me later :D

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

The 'I'm back' post..

... a lame attempt.

Back from the wilderness!

Ughh! life can get really scary sometimes. Its been a month since I last scribbled down something. That is not something you wear as a badge. A simmering realization : I am no more a child with not a care in the world. But worse, a grownup having to deal with the ghastly grown up stuff. When did that happen?!

 Gah! what a drag. Its not all rosy out there, is it? 

No, I'm not going to have a rant marathon. Rather, I am in the process of deciding that I would direct my chi into writing. A get back in the saddle of sorts!

I have goodies ranging from half baked to almost there in my draft. See the thing is, I have a problem with hitting the publish button. The  moment I feel a post is ready, I'm soon overcome with a sense of lethargy and I'm like 'what's the point?' That's so damn suicidal.
Oh and I think I am getting more cynical as I grow older and I realize accept that I am more of a cliche than I thought myself to be.

The pic reminded me that its been a year since my Coldplay Concert experience! Goodtimes. *sigh*

Hopefully the long gone mojo will be back, the so called grown up stuff won't hassle me much and I can go back to writing my loony posts. I have book reviews pending. I have been reading like crazy. So that's a good thing. More on that in the future posts. For those who still read my blog, you people rock and while I play with your last ounce of patience, new posts are in the making. :D

P.S : On a totally unrelated subject, did you people know that Nelle Porter(Portia de Rossi)  from Ally McBeal TV series is the wife of Ellen DeGeneres! You knew?! Aah well, I didn't. They look quite good together.

*Hint Hint* - The next CouchPotatoSeries post.  ;)

Till then, be good. :)