Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Bookworm Musings 3

Picking a book to read is more difficult than picking an outfit! This is what happens when you have more books than you can count and is obsessively collecting more. ;)

So after weighing the many pros and cons, you pick a book. The plot seems enthralling enough. The author: either is one of  your favorites or someone new. You may or may not even care for the title and you either have absolutely no idea or a fleeting intuition, the reason why the author settled for it. Ever wondered why? I do wonder and without an answer I start reading it. You are aware, there might be direct dots connecting between the plot and the title. You don't know what the connection is yet.
 I let myself plunge into the deepest layers of secrets the book has to offer, knowing well enough.. any minute now, the author would explain why he named the book what he has named! That one moment of revelation, my friend is one of  the innumerable reasons why I love reading. It's that  Ahaaa moment which makes it all worth it! It's like the author just revealed his deciding moment of his work; how his work of art would be perceived by the world. How we take it for granted!

P.S: I'm in the downloading-free-Kindle-books-like-a-crazy-person mode right now, which brings me to this.. all you bookworms out there.. you should/must/have to check out this website OneHundredFreeBooks. This chap, Ed is heaven sent. Everyday he lets us know the free kindle books available in Amazon! Now don't we all love freebies! You can all thank me later :D


  1. Hey thanks for the link.. Books are indeed mans best freinds.. Lovely blog.. Keep writing..!

    1. Thankyou Priya.
      Welcome to my blog :) Hope you like it here!

  2. I really don't know why I can't see your post on my blogger homepage, when you publish them, even though I am your follower. Read your old comment on my blog and it reminded me of you.
    Man, you have done something with your blog. Awesomely designed and great media button placed on the right places. Loved it.
    The comment had nothing to do with your post but, the look of your blog made me do it.
    Nice seeing you again, Anisha.

    1. Hey Dhara,long time no see!I'm glad you liked the new look :)
      Your name doesn't show here in follower's list!
      I guess you don't see my posts on your blog homepage is because you have not yet followed my blog :p

    2. OK. Last time when I clicked on Follow, it showed me a page, we usually see when we are already following a blog. Anyway, I tried today and yes, I wasn't following you. Duh..
      Did that... yayyy!

    3. Haa! Now we both are happy :D

  3. your passion for books is really inspiring :) keep up the spark!!


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