Tuesday, August 27, 2013

The blue mouse & other gibberish

It has come to this.. It took me 7 months to go back to my lousy, lazy self. I was quite happy that I was writing more this year than the last until recently, when all my mojo/drive went down the drain. Today, Bestie asks me whether I have put my blog in a pickle mode. Something like this, she says.

Frankly, her comment was quite amusing but then she has a way with words and it did kinda hit the bull's eye. This blog has been marinating for some time now.
Things have been varying from busy to just mehh.
I seem to be having a love hate relationship with routine. When I starve for adventure and change, normalcy prevails. I would look at the calender and see nothing new happening in the days that follows. Eventually, when I get settled in the cozy corner of routine, something happens to jump start and ruin all sense of.. well the peace! My days would be booked.
Recently TheBetterHalf and I were having a conversation about how our (individual) lives(goals & aspirations) would be in the near future, say 5 years. The (not so) surprising thing is he knew almost exactly how its going to turn out. Me, on the other hand knew zilch. I don't know what will happen a month from now. However, I do know what would happen 2 weeks from now. ;) In a way its comforting to have a partner who kinda has a hold on whats happening than just going with the flow like me.
Oh that reminds me.. 30th August - we celebrate our Third Wedding Anniversary. Since Labor Day is on Sep 2 Monday, we have an extended weekend. Yeaayy! So we have decided to go to Wisconsin. The past coupla months were hectic, to say the least. Its going to be a road trip. Woo hoo!! I have never been on a road trip. I am pretty excited about that. I have still not made my lists. Bestie #facepalmed when she heard this. One would think, she would get used to my OCD antics. I guess I keep amusing her :P
We did watch coupla movies, so there would be a Movie Picks post this month. Right now I am reading a rather old, short and a difficult to get through book. Maybe I am distracted.

After watching the entire 5 seasons of Ally Mcbeal, I have not yet found my next big favorite watch. I am juggling Charmed, Crossing Jordon & Lipstick Jungle. Watching Breaking Bad (which is so totally awesome) is the new 'our' thing. So I have to wait for him to be free as well. Bummer!

Btw, I have a blue mouse now. Seee. :D

In other news, I had been planning to get my hair cut for some time and yesterday I brought myself to get it done. The idea of getting my hair highlighted has been in my head for a very very long time. Never had the balls to go through with it. Yesterday was the day. I got it done. 5 inches of my hair chopped off and 'caramel' highlights done. I wanted something really really subtle and guess what, I was blonde for a good 20 minutes! :|
Haa talk about trauma. Anyway, the hair stylist kinda worked things out for the better but definitely not the best. Now, I look like some Fiery Fire Goddess Furnace. Its a lesson learned. Be happy with the hair color you have. :||

Don't be fooled by the pics. It really DOES kinda look like I'm on fire. I have been obsessively checking the mirror today and each time, my thoughts varied from 'what was I thinking' to 'meh it looks kinda okay.' 
Either, I am going to go with it or crawl back to my hair stylist to get it back to normal.

I will be back soon..ish.


  1. Bonkers! You like damn good! Blue mouse,eh? I have yellow! :P
    And talk about plans going topsy turvy, i have a huge list of them myself! Atleast, your plans going awry do not ruin your date! My do! :(

    1. I meant *look damn good*...and please hum bachcho pe thoda to raham khao...why the word verification?? Whyyy!

    2. Lol. Thankyou, I Heard You. Plans don't always work our way do they ? Yellow mouse?! That would be eye catching. I used to get a lotaa spam comments, that's why the verification. Please continue bearing with the inconvenience and do comment :D

  2. Breaking bad is fabulous. It mine and my husband thing too. In fact, everything I watch is our thing as I can't go through chick flicks.
    BTW, Guess what, I chopped down like 10 pounds of my hair too and colored the whole thing auburn red. I couldn't believe myself because, like you, I was skeptical too. But, I am loving it. Your hairs looks great too. You should keep it that way.

    1. I know riaght. Same pinch! :D
      10 pounds??!!! Wow, thats a lotttaaaa hair! and Auburn red is such an awesome shade. Is that your picture as display? Even though its not all that clear, I think I see that fabulous color! Maybe I will get that done some time in the future.
      Thankyou girl. I feel better already :)


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