Monday, September 30, 2013


I still can't bring myself to accept that Breaking Bad is over. No more Walter White. No more Jesse Pinkman. No more meth cooking. No more drug deals. No more barrels full of millions of cash. No more manipulations. No more master minded murders.

I'm not going to go in detail why one should watch this show. It's just one of those shows which shouldn't be missed, period. Just a regular mindbogglingly clever, leaving-audience-by-the-thread fabulousness!

It was a tight 75 minutes yesterday. I could barely breathe and I welled up at the last scene. No spoilers, don't worry. Damn, that was an epic finale! I'm sure a huge percent of the 6 million viewers yesterday had an idea what was going to happen. But, man the way the whole episode was directed. Well, the whole series was top notch job!

Some random awesome gifs!

 photo 1_zps10342c4f.gif

 photo 6_zps19630dba.gif

 photo 2_zps98a122a8.gif

 photo 4_zpsdeaeedad.gif

 photo 5_zpsb8514372.gif

 photo 3_zpsb857f117.gif

Walter White, all calm and composed. The events that unfolded resembled a sort of domino effect ending in the major catastrophe with absolutely no loose ends. Thinking about the last episode, it was perfection. Everything was taken into account. Anybody that dared crossed Walter White's path had to pay the price.

In the last scene, I tried not to bawl my eyes out. My heart must have weighed a ton! Yes, I am talking about a TV show. The icing being the soundtrack at the last scene. It couldn't get better than that. Now I don't know what to do with my life :(

R.I.P Breaking Bad.


  1. I watched into season three and the finale. Maybe I can convince the husband to watch it with me from the start. The finale was great.

    1. You should :) I had to almost beg my husband to join me initially and then he was hooked!

  2. Even I am too sad to by the epic demise of two gr8 shows- dexter and this one ;) Personally, dexter had been my favourite one. But they just screwed up the ending altogether. Breaking bad, I agree with you, was certainly epic :)

    1. I heard mixed reviews about Dexter's finale. I havent watched it yet. So thankyou for not bursting the bubble! :) I love Dexter too but Breaking Bad clearly outshone in my opinion!


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