Wednesday, September 18, 2013


A little bit of patience, an itty bitty smile can soon escalate things. From a queen  room to a king suite!! Too bad I didn't take any photographs.

Note to self : Always always carry your camera with you and not buried under your clothes and when you do have it with you.. Remember :|

TheBetterHalf had a meeting in Indianapolis some time back and initially I was not planning to join him. I guess we haven't reached that stage in our relationship where we are okay with spending nights apart. Or I am just plain scared to sleep alone in. Your pick.
Anyhoo, we got a rental car and off we went. I was still in the 'just back from Wisconsin' phase. So I wasn't in my usual yeayy we are going to a new place mode. The drive was kinda event less. The scene really didn't change much. It was just an endless sea of trucks following other trucks.
 However, it was a gloriously beautiful day.  I got to see rows and rows of windmills stretching for miles. So that was a pretty cool thing to see. Maybe because it was my first.

All the pics were taken either in my crappy phone of his Iphone. You will know which is which. :/

I'm pretty sure you can figure out those. You can right? 

 P.S : As you may have noticed, I am a sucker for white fluffy clouds :D

After around 3 hours of driving, we reach our hotel. The front desk gives our key. We reach our room, eager to crash and what do we see. The room is locked from inside and it seems there is some cleaning happening and it would take another 2 hours!
Long story short, the manager as an apology for making us wait, gives us the king suite. Well that was unexpected :D No big deal, just a huge ass awesome room with a great view. Thinking about it, I feel like a real dunce. Why didn't I think of clicking away?! I guess the logical answer is, I was just way happier jumping up and down on the fluffy king size bed than taking pictures :D

The hotel was located in Downtown Indianapolis. It was pretty nice there. We didn't get to see lotta places.  Some decent restaurants. Good food makes me happy.

I found this outside a restaurant called Bru Burgers. Out of the world burgers btw :D

Monument Circle

Indiana State Capitol Building

Monument Circle again.

The Post Office & Court wrapped in one!


  1. woww awesome clicks as well as a great post :)

  2. Being not from America, I think American media, as far as my exposure to it anyway does not highlight places other than New York, California and like, Las Vegas. Posts like this remind me that that country is really BIG.


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