Friday, September 27, 2013


TheBestie: We deserve some credit.
                    Blah blah blah.. Somebody is  getting admitted somewhere.
                    As much as I hate using the cliche, time fliea

Me: Yes, cliched as it is..time flies.
         Um, who deserves credit for what? :o

TheBestie: We deserve credit for taking all the shit that life throws at us with our chins up!

Me: Yes, that we do :)


Me: I have to buy me some heels.
        Its been ages since I wore anything resembling pumps or stilettos or anything of that sort.
        All I have is an ankle boots which has a heel of some sort! :(

TheBestie: #firstworldfashionwoes
                     Lolooo :P

Me: :/

TheBestie: My pain right now is the dot size stain on my suede bag.

Me: #eyeroll. 

TheBestie: My happiest day will be when I see you on watsapp

Me: I wont. :|

TheBestie: #getlost


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