Saturday, September 21, 2013

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While I got bored writing about one show per post, I thought I could just rave and rant about a bunch of shows in a single post. Let's admit I love talking about TV Shows. One of the reasons why I love Fall is almost all shows come back in Fall. Yeay for that!

Watch Again and again & again

1. Watching the entire series of F.R.I.E.N.D.S  again is one of my happy places. Its surprising how the jokes are still so funny for me. #fanforlife

2. I have been thinking a lot about Scrubs lately. That was one of the first TV shows which I had sat down and watched in Netflix. I was new to Netflix and a TV series marathon was still unheard of. The hours passed way too quickly and so did the episodes until it came to an end and I was an addict. I needed a new hit. Thus began my love for TV series. :D One of these days I will watch it again.

3. A show which left me aching for more chic lit TV shows and never found one remotely close is Sex and the City. 4 friends cruising through NewYork, juggling life, love, career and ofcourse sex. I loved the girls. I loved Carrie's clothes. I loved her apartment. I loved everything about the show.

Oh Please Don't End

1. The week seems long and each day is a drag when you have to wait for every Sunday to watch what happens now in Breaking Bad. What would happen to Jesse the junkie and Walt aka Heisenberg at the end? This show has been so epic that the ending should be as mindblowing as all the episodes. BrBa would be missed.

2. I haven't watch the last season of Dexter and this weekend is the epic finale. I can take my own time and watch the entire last season at my pace. Savor every moment. I am almost too scared to watch, what would happen to the most loved serial killer.

Cautiously Enjoying

1. The Netflix series Orange Is The New Black is a pretty good show, even though I did hear mixed reviews about the book. I watched the entire season in 2-3 days. Even though its a prison series, its more on the funnier side. Let's see what happens in season 2. Wonder how long the series continues. I don't think too long, since the author of the book spends only 15 months in prison.

2. Fan of Norman Bates aka The Psycho? There is a newish  show called Bates Motel, portraying Normal Bates before he became know cross dressing cold blooded murderer. Sounds morbid, right. It is. The first season is over and it would be returning for a second season. I just coupla episodes. It sure is dark. Me like some dark.

3. The New Girl is back for Season 3. Things ended on a fairly dramatic note in season 2. I love all the characters. So I'm still watching this one.

4. Read or watched the Hannibal books/movies? Weren't you absolutely horrified and yet loved every minute of it? So imagine a weekly dosage of Hannibal. The show is classy, clever and oh-so-goosebump-worthy. I missed the last coupla episodes. I need to do a lotta watching!

Yet To Be Blown Away

1. Haven has not yet taken my breath away. I'm still giving it a chance though. Maybe a few episodes more.

2. I wonder what's so great about It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I watched the first coupla episodes. Funny? Yea, sure. Hilarious ? Um..meh.. I guess I need to give it another go, especially since the show is in its 9th season. Something must surely be good.

Bites The Dust

1. Rules Of Engagement came to an end. I wasn't particularly relieved or sad. I guess the show just had nothing more to offer and had to just go bye bye.

2. On the other hand Happy Endings was cancelled. I mean why? Sure, the show is not for everyone. People might not find them funny, but they are to some people. Like me. :( Anyway when one goes a few others do pop up.

Time To Pack & Leave?!

1. Grey's Anatomy's 10th season is coming up! Season 10!! I hope it ends this season. Don't get me wrong. I mean I heart Grey's Anatomy, but with Sandra Oh (Christina Yang) leaving and few other stars following soon , I think it would be a wise decision for Shonda Rhimes to wrap up the show with dignity before it becomes a drag. I would still watch it. I am a too much of a devotee not to watch.

2. Eight seasons of waiting patiently. Watching the lives of 5 youngster evolve as time passes. All this to find who the mother is. This show was good for most parts of it. Ted  seemed to have dated everybody in Manhattan and much to everyone's relief/horror the last season's finale did reveal the mother. How I Met Your Mother was a fun ride and my expectations of the mother fell flat. I didn't quite like her nor did I hate her. I hope she is funny like the rest of the cast. You know 8 seasons of building up the hype. Sometimes expectations may not be met. Lets' see how she plays out in the coming season.

I Honestly Don't Care Anymore

1. The Winchester brothers. Funny, good looking and hunters. They were a package. I followed all the episodes of Supernatural like an ardent fan. I watched it when Lucifer arose from hell. I was even intrigued. My interest peaked when Castiel showed up. Everything was going good. Some humor here and there. A lotta bad guys being hunted down. Then the decline happened. A devil's tablet? I managed to still watch. However, an angel's tablet?! It's cringe worthy. I didn't continue to watch. I couldn't take it anymore. It's gots to goes. :|

2. True Blood  was of one of those vampire shows I absolutely loved, especially since it didn't happen in and around a high school! I had enjoyed every episode until the season 5. Since I like to watch episodes on my pace without any disturbances in between, I thought I will watch it later. However, the amount of crap which is happening in the episodes. It's #facepalm all over again! I wish I could continue watching, but I don't want to. :/

3. Another vampire show I vaguely watched was The Vampire Diaries. The main reason being Damon Salvatore. Even he couldn't manage to make me sit through an episode. These vampires/werewolves aka students seem to have one problem following the other. I think I am getting old :| I don't know, it just slipped away from my interest list.

Yet to watch

Truckloads of them. There are a gazillion TV shows and I don't have time. :(


  1. Ooh I really like your list! I was mentally sorting out the TV shows I watch in the categories you mentioned! Maybe I'll do a similar post in the future, if that's cool! Cheers! :)

    1. Thankyou PeaBee :)
      I would love to read your TV Categories post .

  2. I have heard a lot about these shows from my friends. but never got down to watch these. I love movies more :-)

    1. TV series requires a lotta time and patience, unlike movies ;) I wish I could enjoy movies as much as TV series!

  3. First time here and loving the vibrancy :D

    You should try watching 'Body of Proof' and 'CSI: Miami' too. They rock!

    1. Thankyou Soumya and welcome. Glad you like it, You can stay as long as you want :D
      Yes I should try both series. They are in my 'to watch' list. Heard that Body of Proof got cancelled though!


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