Friday, November 22, 2013

21 Things I 'knew' about Harry Potter

So, I have entered into the magical land of Hogwarts. Two books down and its like I have known Harry for ages! I can't imagine how you guys felt when you finished reading Book 7.  I am reading as slow as possible, I don't want it to get over! Yes, I am officially a HP fan. :)
I'm currently reading Book 3. I'm yet to unravel lotta things. However without reading any of the books or watching the movies, I did know/assumed a few stuff about The Harry Potter Series, thanks to media in general.

So if you had asked me not too long ago, to list out what I know about Harry Potter.. these would have been my answer. Ofcourse, some of them makes sense now.

1. He is the boy who lived.
2. He has a lightning shaped mark on his forehead.
3. His remaining  family is super rude.
4. He gets accepted in a school called Hogwarts.
5. There is a huge disheveled bearded guy who seems to be Harry's well wisher.
6. There is a 9 3/4 platform involved.
7. Harry has a white owl.
8. There are a whole lot of owls, I want to say dragons?! and other mythical creatures.
9. He becomes friends with Weasley and Hermione. I didn't know the first name of Weasley and the last name of Hermione.
10. There are ghosts involved.
11. There is a kid with blonde hair. Seems to me, he is bad news.
12. Quidditch is a school game which includes a small golden ball with wings and broomsticks.
13. Harry is in Gryffindor house.
14. There seems to be another house called Ravenclaw which is kinda nice/important?! Haven't figured it out yet.
15. Snape is not actually a bad guy ?
16. There is a circle inside a triangle symbol. I don't know what that is. I have a feeling its vital.
17. Edward Cullen makes an appearance.
18. The bad guy is Voldermort and has no nose?!
19. Weasley & Harmione end up together.
20. Somebody significant dies. I don't know who yet. And don't you dare tell me.
21. The last book was made into two movies.

P.S: Please please no spoilers, okie? Okie. :)

After reading Book 1 & 2, I watched the movies. Now every time I read HP, I have the soundtrack playing in my head.


  1. Oh, I am so excited for you!!

    Well, you've got most of that right - and you'll see that the plot thickens as you move from one book to another.

    Read on :)

    1. :) The plot sure is thickening from where I stand!
      Book 4, here I come!

  2. As a hard core Potterhead, this post makes me so happy!
    Is there anything more beautiful than someone discovering the joys of Harry Potter for the first time? :')
    (I'm exaggerating, but still!)

  3. I am happy that you are enjoying it so much. I wanted to cry after finishing book 7 because there are no more books.. :(
    Happy reading.. :) :)

    1. I don't want HP to get over!
      Aah I guess I will enjoy it while it lasts *sigh*

  4. An award awaits you on my blog :)

  5. Better late than never, and welcome to the fandom :)

    Ouch. You already have a mega-spoiler in there. And on #20, "many significant people" would be more appropriate *sob*

    Hardcore Potterhead here, dropping by from ME-er's. Pretty blog you have here, and looking forward to exploring it :)

    1. Welcome to my blog, Zainab :)
      Yeap better late..!
      Oh no.. I hope my favorite people don't die.. Oh wait, I like everybody till now :(

    2. Oh, you're definitely in for a lot of pain.

      Btw, I missed the last line about the soundtrack... Hedwig's Theme is #1 on my Cheer Up List. Works its magic every single time :) Wait till you get to the soundtracks for Deathly Hallows Part 1 & 2, absolutely heart-wrenching, I tell you.

    3. Let's see :)
      I m half way through book 4.

  6. Aaaaah, the joy of reading HP the first time :D
    RON Weasley and Hermoine GRANGER - you gotta know these two! They're the best friends there'd ever be.
    P.s. I really like the blog


    1. Welcome to my blog Kearty.
      Yes I didn't know the names. but now I do and I love them :)


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