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Book Review - Carrie

Title: Carrie.
Author: Stephen King.
Publisher: Doubleday.
Year of Publication: 1974.
 Format: Paperback.
Pages: 290.
Genre: Thriller, Horror, Paranormal, Fantasy.
Blurb: Here.

Normally the size of a book doesn't scare me, but something about Stephen King's books: his writing style, his flair of description and ofcourse the size of his books almost always left me intimidated. I tried reading Bag Of Bones. Till date, I haven't finished reading it. Something about it, overwhelmed me and I had almost resigned to the fate that I might never actually enjoy a Stephen King book. I really wanted to read his books, since I really liked almost all of the movies based on his books.
That's when the movie Carrie was released. I had read somehere that it was Mr King's first published book and also Walmart sold it for $5. I knew then, this is going to be the chosen one.
My Thoughts:
I finished reading Carrie a few days ago and I can't bring myself to pick another book..yet. That's how much the book blew my mind! Carrie is King's fist published book and smaller in size when compared to his other works.
Carrie White is an average high school kid who is frequently bullied by her peers. An odd one out who tries hard to fit in and fails. Her mother, Margaret White is a religious fanatic. According to her almost everything is a sin. So much that she has not even educated her daughter about menstruation and calls breasts 'dirty pillows' and only sinned women have them! Locks Carrie up in a closet anytime she feels her daughter has strayed from the path of the almighty.
The story lines opens with Carrie White getting her first period and not knowing what in the world is happening to her. To make things worse she is made fun of by the 'popular kids' by throwing tampons and pads at her. King introduces us to the ring leader among the girls, Chris Hargensen and also another girl from the group, Sue Snell. Sue feels guilty and ashamed for bullying Carrie while Cris feels elated by it. That whole scene was quite cringe worthy. Soon, Carrie realizes that she possesses telekinetic powers which was latent all these years; much to the dismay of her mother, who believes that Carrie is the devil.
Then, there is the  Prom night to which Carrie is asked out by Sue's boyfriend (advised by Sue). It was her way of apologizing to Carrie. Even though Margaret White is against her daughter going, Carrie goes to  the Prom and the inevitable happens: a destructive end to the night.

The whole book  is described from various POVs, news clippings, 'excerpts from books' giving it a very authentic touch. Early on in the book, the readers are given a peek of the climax: that all doesn't end well for anybody. One of the major elements in this book is bullying. Carrie has been the butt of all jokes and had to suffer a whole lot of cruel and demented bullying. It's a strong message to the bullies in the world. Stop Bullying. You might not know how far you have gone. The other disturbing part in the book is obviously the mother. She is clearly a deranged character, a bible thumper. All I could feel was pity for Carrie. She was a stuck in a world where nobody accepted her. She was lonely and had no friends. All she wanted was acceptance from her peers and love from her mother. She got none.
The plot was simple yet intriguing. Appealing and troubling. I loved the way King had given a back story to the mother. The character development of the secondary characters were admirable: Sue Snell (the girl who felt guilty for making fun of Carrie), Chris Hargensen( the girl who wanted to see Carrie humiliated for no particular reason), Billy Nolan (Chris's depraved boyfriend who plays a role in the ultimate catastrophe).
All in all a fantastic read. A story which would remain in your head long after you are done reading.

My Rating:


  1. I looove Stephen King novels. :) :) I have read most of them. I have read this too and it was superb. I heard the movie which was released this year is not that good. Wanted to see it. :) :)
    Have you tried reading game of thrones ?? big books but they are awesome :) :) :)

    1. Wow girl ! I also want to watch that movie. Now that I am done reading, I might watch it. No I haven't read GOT. Heard they are good. *adding them to my to-read list*

  2. Hats off to you for reading Carrie and not being scared of...well, anything. I read Carrie a few years ago and Stephen King freaks me out man!

    1. The guy knows how to write a scary book. The book was more haunting than scary in my opinion. I cant wait to get my hands on his other books.

  3. I haven't read a horror novel in my life... debating whether to jump on the wagon or not. Hmmm, maybe I'll start with this during the summer vacations.

    Great review :)

    1. I think Carrie would be a good start :)
      Thankyou for commenting.


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