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Book Review- The Wicked Girls

Title: The Wicked Girls.
Author: Alex Marwood.
Publisher: Penguin Books.
Year of Publication: 2013.
 Format: E-book.
Pages: 378.
Genre: Mystery, Thriller, Crime, Suspense.
    Blurb: Here

My Thoughts
The Wicked Girls: a story which starts with two 11 year old girls who by the end of a fateful day has committed murder of a four year old girl! Now this is not something one reads on a daily basis, is it? The two girls : Jade Walker and Annabel Oldacre are convicted for the murder and incarcerated separately. When they are released, the girls are given different identities and banned from seeing each other. The two girls lead two very differnt lives in spite of the same crime that they committed. One of them is a freelance newspaper reporter now known as Kirsty Lindsay who is married and has two kids and the other is now Amber Gordon, a cleaning supervisor in an amusement park who lives with her boyfriend Vic. For twenty five years, the girls lead their own separate lives with absolutely no contact with each other. All  that they had built to keep their secret buried comes to serious peril, when a series of murders of young women happen at a sleepy beach side town called Whitmouth and both the women are thrown in together by random coincidence.

What follows is a very uncomfortable tale of how circumstances bring the two women more closer than ever, even when they don't want to. The fear of getting caught, their new identities getting blown over and the mutual dislike they have for each other, how each blames the other for what happened. The chapters are interwoven throughout the book with the incident which occurred when they were kids which led to the infamous murder at the end of the day.
The mystery of the murders was not really a mystery, per se. I felt the murder part of the story fell flat; especially the confession of the said murderer, whom I wont reveal. I felt there could have been more to it. It almost felt a little forced upon, a reason for the women to end up in the same scene. Another gripe that I had with the story was the back story: of how it all began. The story between the chapters were a little too stretched out and it felt a little anti climatic. I wish there was more to the childhood of the two women instead of just that one day and few lines at the end about their disturbed childhood which didn't really evoke any sort of empathy. It  seemed like a lame attempt.
What I liked the most was the constant feeling of dread. You know something bad is going to happen round the corner and yet you see the characters going about just that corner! I liked the depiction of the women. They were flawed and not always likable. Having said that, I felt pity for the women at their plight which is not really their fault. They had no idea how their lives would change with the choices they made when they were kids. The men were portrayed as not the best things on earth.The book is unsettling. The characters are pretty realistic. The mounting dread is one of the star points in the book. The ending was kinda predictable; but not too soon though.

My Rating:

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