Monday, December 30, 2013

The year 2013

I like the idea of New Years. Its the prospect of a fresh start, new beginnings. A second chance of sorts. If you messed up last year, well get it right the coming year. If you had a great year, here's to more this year.

2013 had been a mix tape for me. Isn't that the case almost always?

In no particular order the 'highlights' of 2013:

* Visited 4 states in United States: Louisiana, Virginia, Wisconsin and Indianapolis. Hopefully the coming year, there will be more trips.
* Mangled my hand and got stitches.
* Got caramel highlights on my hair. That was a first.
* Stayed home alone. Never ever have I spent nights alone. So that was an experience. The BetterHalf had to go to Denver for a meeting and I stayed back.
* TheBetterHalf got himself a permanent job as Staff Scientist in one of the national labs here. **Beaming proudly**
* Bought loads of books and read a lot. I had challenged myself to read 27 books this year and ended up reading 40. In 2012, I managed just 17. So 40 books: proud moment. Nobody can steal that away from me :|
* Wrote more. 100 posts!
* Came across some really nice blogs and talented writers. Yes, you. :)
* Dipped my toes in the erratic waters of poetry. Long way to go.
* Celebrated Birthdays, Blogoversary & Wedding Anniversary. We drove to Madison and had a wonderful weekend getaway.
* Read Harry Potter Series.. at last! Heartbroken | Quaffle sized hole in my heart | Sometimes gotta believe the hype.
* 2013 saw more Wine, Cosmopolitans, Baileys and other assortments than ever before. Some of it was to drown away heartbreaks and disappointments.
* TheBetterHalf proves almost on a daily basis of how much of a gentleman he is and I'm more grateful than ever to have him in my life.
* Watched Breaking Bad's finale and cried shamelessly.
* Became increasingly fond of Football and now has a favorite. Manchester United. ^.^
* Watched around 50 movies; some really good, some not so good and some really bad ones.
* Got introduced to post rock and some other great music.
* Got 'interviewed' by a fellow blogger. :D
* Ate some delectable food from some really nice restaurants.
* Decided to dig deeper into the world of Literature.
* Wore Red lipstick.
* Worked out sporadically. Lost coupla pounds !
* Had moments ranging from happiness, anticipation to just bat shit crazy and depressed.
* Lusted after more books in goodreads and other blogs. I can't get enough.
* Revamped the blog.
* The bestie and me connected more and sometimes had no contact for days at a stretch, most likely because I was buried under some book. This year was good to us though.

That's all I can think of at the moment.
Wishing you a wonderful and a greatly eventful year ahead. Let's all hope all our difficult stuff gets sorted out this year. 
Let's enjoy the good times and live the content life.
Happy New Year, delightful people.


  1. Ah..such a happy list!

    40 books is absolutely kick-arse - good going on that :)

    Rowling stole your heart, didn't she? Welcome to the club.

    Big year for football, 2014 - pick a favourite for Brasil :D

    Happy New Year once more, Anisha - it's been a pleasure reading and being connected!

  2. 40 books in a year?? Gosh!!!
    Well done :)

    Wish you a super happy Twenty Fourteen!

    P.S: You currently reading Wuthering Heights? It's too heavy. All the best.. :P

  3. A very happie new year!!! have a great year ahead!!! :)

  4. quite a jolly post ... and 40 books.... I'm ! here's wishing u even more of that and much of merriment in the year ahead ... happy new year !

  5. Happy New Year pretty person! :)

    It's so refreshing reading your blog. A pretty enticing list up there. All the best for this year, hope you add more good things ;)

    P.S.: Harry Potter! Am still hardly known to this world :(...hope to read the series this year.

  6. ooooooooh awesome awesome 2013!!!
    I winced at the mangled my hand part :(

  7. Thankyou lovely wonderful people. All of you :)

  8. Like Red said,the mangled part does sound harsh.
    But a beeg beeg round of applause for ya,you've done well!
    And may 2014 be no less but the biggest and bestest yet!

  9. Happy new year to you and hope you get to read many more books.. :)
    Hope your hand is okay now..

  10. Thankyou Talitha and Me- er.
    The hand is all fine now. Doesn't even look like I had stitches.

  11. I saw the movie wuthering heights . Makes you believe once more that women are Much stronger than you can measure . Belated New Year wishes.


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