Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Every now and then I feel a heavy silence pressing on. That's when I look up from whatever I was reading and automatically my eyes would search for him. I don't have to look too far. Most likely he would be sitting across me with a serious expression. He is reading too. We  both are readers, just not the same kind. While I enjoy reading fiction, he loves reading about science. It's not a wonder that he is the scientist in the family! Sometimes he would look up too. Our eyes would meet and I am the one quick to smile. He always returns the smile and without any reason he would blow me a kiss. Maybe that's why I look for him when I get lonely among the pages. His face, his presence, the way his face lights up when he smiles, the fact that I have him in my life, I guess that makes my life worthwhile. We would go back to our respective books and I am at peace.


  1. awwww... :) it's one of cutest things I've read !

  2. You are too genuine and transparent dear girl

  3. what else would one need!
    SIGH!! :)

  4. Beautiful Blog!
    P.S. Can you just relax a little on your Goodreads 2013 reading challenge? I mean there are some people who have only read one and a half book till now okayee. *runs*

  5. This, right here, is what I want.

  6. This post made me go "awww" like 50 times and I still can't stop ... :) Nice post, Anisha !


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