Monday, January 6, 2014

I just had to post it here

After the new year fuss, I haven't yet got the time motivation to sit down and write anything. I saw this picture and I had to post it here. I found it very amusing

Chicago is almost kinda shut down.
Arctic temperatures.
Wind chills upto minus 40 degree Celsius.
I remember Dad telling me when I was a kid, a fun fact
minus 40 degree fahrenheit = minus 40 degree celsius.
Never thought I would live it one day!
The winds howling like a banshee.
Five minutes outside cleaning the snow from our car had my lungs on fire. I kid you not.
The heaters jacked up to maximum
while our windows get frosted up.
Clothed in more layers than I can imagine.
Icicles almost everywhere.
Huge mounds of snow shoveled away in corners.
Five minutes outside, without covering every inch of skin would give you a bad case of frost bite.
So either dress like you are going out to ski or stay inside.
I better go make another steaming cup of tea.

See you all soonish.

Oh and tomorrow is my birthday. 


  1. So I come just in time to wish a happy happy birthday!!!!!

  2. Happy Birthday, Ani
    And felt very Snow 'ish' after reading it.....Happy New Year

    1. Thankyou Shalet :)
      Happy New year to you too.

  3. Tomorrow was yesterday! So you share birthdays with my brother :)

    HAAAAPPPPY Birthday :) Hope you had a great one and may the year ahead be filled with more books, chocolate, marshmallows and more writing about geese :) God bless!

    And maybe because I don't completely get how cold the cold really is and I love the cold, I envy you :)

    1. Um.. if tomorrow and yesterday is/was Jan 7 then yea I share birthdays with your brother :D
      Happy birthday PeeVee's brother ! :)
      Thankyou Thankyou girl for your wishes. It sums up all the good things in life!
      Personally, I love winters. But the past two days was more or less like hell on earth! But we survived. So it's all good.
      Otherwise yea go ahead envy all you want :P

  4. hi Anisha , looks like i missed your birthday :o :/ belated happy birthday!! :) and yes winters make you numb :| here also we experincing "dilli ki sardi " :D

    1. Thankyou Priya for your wishes :)
      Stay warm !


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