Thursday, February 6, 2014

Book Review - I am Legend

Title: I am Legend.
Publisher: Rosetta Books.
Year of Publication: 1954.
Format: E-book.
Pages: 160.
Genre: Classic, Horror, SciFi, Fantasy, Apocalypse, Dystopia.
    Blurb: Here

My Thoughts:
I always wanted to watch the movie based on this book ever since it was released years back. The plot was just too delicious to miss. The last human left on earth which is now infested with zombies. Yea, that's what I thought back then: zombies. I didn't know it was based on a book. Anyway long story short, I never got to watch the movie and I am thankful that I didn't. Some years back, I found out there is a book with the same name. All the reviews in goodreads said, what summed up to be, don't judge the book by its movie. So obviously, movie goes out the window and I picked up the book. 
A short read about an alcoholic Robert Neville, who is now grown accustomed to the nightly visits of the undead/vampires/ people infected with the vampir virus. He has orchestrated his life around these night dwellers. In the mornings, he raids the the town for supplies, killing vampires in between and nailing up planks of wood on his windows. At night  he locks himself up, listens to music and drinks away his mounting frustration and helplessness. He is tormented by the past and years of isolation has turned him to a raging depressed alcoholic. On his good days, he tries to do research on the plague in an attempt to find a cure.

The turning point  of the book is when he meets Ruth, who may be another survivor of this pandemic. The book is scary, not exactly scary because of the vampires. It's unnerving to think that you are the only human being left. The loneliness is the most scary part. The whole story feels quiet. That's the one recurrent feeling I got while reading this book. More than once I jumped at some random noise that houses normally make! I am Legend is heartbreaking. It feels like you are stuck in a vacuum cube and is aching to get out, clawing at the walls. There is no way out or rather, you  haven't figured a way out. That's what I felt for the main character. I didn't know how this could end in a nice possible way. The author just blew my mind with the most obvious and simple solution which was staring right at me!
I loved how the author science-fied the whole phenomena of vampires. There is no element of paranormal/supernatural activity. He has seemingly logical explanations for their aversion towards garlic, sunlight, the crucifix and the stake. It was just genius. This book is one of those where the good and bad is subjective. There are no clear cut rules anymore. It does not have the usual cliched ending as well. The book is the worth your time. After the book, I watched the movie starring Will Smith. My reactions: Um, let's just stick with the book.

My Rating:


  1. I have seen the movie. I heard that the book is a lot different from the movie. Have to read this.. :)

    1. A book not to be missed. Yes the movie is nothing like the book which is so so wonderful !

    2. I bought the book over the weekend :) :) Following all your suggestions now :) If you give a book a 5 flowers, I am reading it :)

    3. You did? Naaice! *hugs*
      I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did!


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