Sunday, March 9, 2014

Happy Pills

Blow soap bubbles.
Swing lazily on a swing, enjoy the wind in your hair and reminisce your childhood.
Watch a rare starlit sky with no street lights or car headlights to hinder the view.
Walk barefoot on dewy grass.
 Wear a flower wreath as a crown and own it like a boss, no matter how weird you look.
Sing a ballad and manage to sound decent.
Ride on a carousel.
Lie on the lush grass on a sunny day, soak in the sunshine and for once not be bothered about SPF or a bad sunburn.
Rejoice. Spring is nearby.
Wear a pretty nail color and it doesn't chip for 3 straight days!
Eat cotton candy.
Read a book in the shade of a tree.
Harry Potter.
Dance like a klutz.
Have a good long cry fest.
Laugh heartily. Who cares if you don't look dainty then?!
Forgive yourself.. you are too hard on yourself.
To know how to cook atleast one of your favorite dishes.
Barbecue with friends.
Food, period.
Have a drink or two. Just enough to give you a buzz and not a heavy hangover the next day.
 Stare at the ceiling / wall  and think nothing. 
Long skype calls with Mom & Dad.
The rare time-zoned screwed, midnight / midday calls with your bestie.
Old bookstores.
Steaming hot coffee TheBetterHalf makes every single day.
Books. Stacks of books.
Songs like these.

P.S - The look of the blog has been tweaked. Notice anything ?
Pardon the randomness. It has been a long and severe winter and I can't wait for Spring. Temperatures slowly creeping above zero degree Celsius. Excited for longer days, colorful tulips, lot of green and warmer climates.


  1. Fun stuff!! BTW, love that cat with the sunglasses :)

    1. Haa thankyou :)
      The cat looks pretty cool right!

  2. This song has been playing in my mind ever since I listed to it the first time. Its my ring tone and my alarm tone. I wake up to it everyday and I feel so happy that I cannot describe it!

    Happy pill it sure is! :)

    1. Such a catchy song right :) I love love the song!

  3. Read this amazing blog and be dreamy! =]

  4. heheh These lines made me so happy indeed.
    P.S- I can never drink just enough.. I always get a hangover:(
    P.P.S- I love the blog header change!

    1. :D
      It takes Practice to know just how much! So practice practice ;)
      Thankyou my dear girl

  5. such beautifull stuff you inspired us to do... :)

  6. you write beautifully... and its inspiring :) n yeas, love the new fonts in the new look of the blog!

    1. You are too kind Priya :)
      Yea I'm fishing for compliments ;) Thankyou!

  7. Um, I know how to make decent coffee, and coffee is currently my favourite. Does that count as a favourite dish? :P

    Blasphemous Aesthete

    1. Haha.. If coffee fills your tummy, then I guess we can call it a dish ;)


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